When you have been brutally broken by life and yet you rise up and find your inner peace πŸŒ±

It is easy to be happy when life is good. It is easy to call yourself strong when life is smooth and easy. But true strenght is when time after time you have been brutally broken by life and you have been totally stripped of all your joys and passions, and yet you rise up and find your inner peace once again. That is strenght and that is inspiring. 🌱


I will hold your hand through the darkness

Come to me, I will hold your hand through the darkness. I know there will be stars to light up your path.

You don’t have to dry your tears or hide your pain. Come as you are, feel as you feel. Even in you weakest of moments your heart and soul radiate love, kindness and an ever increasing strenght. I can see through all the pain, all the hurt and all shattered dreams and what I see is beautiful. 🌹

The beauty in your despair, your guiding light out of the darkness πŸ™

There can be something very beautiful in your despair, because that can be the moment when a sparkle of hope is born.

Once hope has begun to glimmer within you, relief will follow.

Hope is your guiding light out of the darkness, hope can make everything possible once again.

My shining light of hope in the darkest of nights πŸ™

When I look into your eyes I see the dark, cold pain that you have felt and yet I see this bright light of hope in the far distance.

I admire your strenght, your resiliance and your kindness that keeps blossoming time after time again no matter how many times your branches were broken.

You stand tall, grounded, waiting patiently for the storm to pass. You are my shining light of hope in the darkest of nights. πŸ™

Turn the other cheek – forgive unconditionally πŸ™

Have faith in that what ever happens, you can handle it. Trust that this too shall pass and that everything will be alright. Believe in the goodness in everyone, and choose to be the one who forgives unconditionally.

Turn the other cheek really doesn’t have to mean letting them beat you up or letting them have their way with you – to me it means to forgive unconditionally, letting to of all hatred, condemnation and criticism – finding it in your heart to love unconditionally, and at the same time following your heart and moving away from what doesn’t serve you.

We are all good people who are trying the best we can, given the circumstances, experiences, beliefs and desires we have. Hatred only creates more hatred, to forgive unconditionally and to love unconditionally will set you free. πŸ™

This pain cuts through my heart like a blinding flash of lightning

Let me wallow in my sadness,

Let me get lost in my despair

All this pain that cuts through my heart like a blinding flash of lightning,

All this havoc in my mind like a twirling tornado

And yet faith shines eternally within me and I know that when the raging storm passes, my ocean will be calm again

Take the road less traveled by and make your life your masterpiece πŸ’Ž

“Well-behaved women rarely make history”

– Eleanor Roosevelt

Don’t bow down your head in shame and guilt, don’t let society’s harsh views bring you down. You are not your mistakes, you are not your past, and you are not someone else’s limited version of you.

Let your mistakes and all your unwanted experiences be the solid foundation on which you stand. Stand tall with your feet firmly on the ground. Speak your truth, loud and clear and let there be compassion and love in your heart, no matter how badly you were treated.

Follow your bliss and believe in yourself, let hope be the eternal light that shines within you. Never let society or any individual dim your light, keep believing and dare to do what they deem impossible. Take
the road less traveled by and make your life your masterpiece.

Strength is to believe in the possibilities when all you see is darkness πŸ™

🌺 Strength is to forgive someone who isn’t sorry

🌺 Strength is to believe in the possibilities when all you see is darkness

🌺 Strength is to believe it before you see it πŸ™

🌺 The love and approval you crave πŸŒΊ

At the end of the day, it is not what others think of you that matters, but how you feel about yourself.

Don’t try to live up to the expectations of others, don’t worry about their disapproval or approval. Live your life in ways that please you, choose what gives you joy and satisfaction. No matter what happens, be there for yourself. Be your own best friend and give yourself the love and approval you crave.

Through all the muddy waters, beauty will emerge

All negative experiences, all pain, all mistakes and all shattered dreams can be the perfect, solid, nourishing foundation to grow from.

Strenght is not given, it is built. And you build it one small moment at a time. Be kind to yourself, you are doing so much better than you think. No matter how muddy the water might be, the lotus flower can still emerge beautifully radiant.

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