A playful evening and fun plans ahead

We have had so much fun this evening – my babies have been running around, playing and laughing just like they always do.

After I had put them to bed I talked with a friend from Gothenburg – we decided to meet at the end of next month. I already look forward to it 😍. I always have such a good time with her – we have known each other for somewhere around 25 years now. ❤❤❤ I love spening time with her.


Best Friday ever 🌻

The day began with lots of laughter and fun moments. My two babies are so cute together ❤.

I had an awesome day at work, then I spent the rest of the afternoon with my babies. Later on a wonderful friend of mine came over for a couple of hours. We had taccos and we talked a lot. I really like him, he is an amazing person that I keep contact with daily.

I already look forward to Monday evening because then I and a co-worker will go to another town to spend the evening at a hotel and a spa. It will be so nice. 🌹👙🍺

  • I hope you have had a great day and a magnificent start of your weekend.

Look for fun, pleasure and satisfaction in everything that you do

Make today a day where you choose to do things that feel good to you. Eat what you feel most drawn to and allow yourself to fully enjoy it. Listen to what brings you relief and do the things that feel fun to you. Having a good day is all in your hands because it is all about your mindset. Choose to make the best of what ever you do, look for fun, pleasure and satisfaction in everything you do today and use any excuse you can find to feel good.


Lots of fun and taccos today 💖

We have had a fun day at home – my brother and his five children came to visit and we had lunch together. Taccos of course 😊

I chose my favourite red top today – it always feels good to wear it and it always makes me feel a little better.

Now we will relax an hour before we go to a friend’s house. Their child had his birthday celebration last weekend but since we couldn’t go because my boyfriend was in the hospital then, we decided to have a play date today instead.

And tomorrow we will have more birthday celebration since my baby boy turns two years old on Monday 💖.

I hope you have had a great start to your weekend as well. 🌹


Baking a blueberry cake together 💙

We are enjoying a cozy afternoon inside. We spent some time baking a blueberry cake.

My babies thought it was such a treat to help out with the baking. 😄

They liked it a lot!

But we had to clean them up quite a bit afterwards! 🤣

That was a lot of fun aswell 💖


All is well and life is supposed to be fun


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