Love NEVER hurts

Love does not hurt – insecurity does, sadness does, anxiety does, anger does, jealousy does… but LOVE only feels good.

When you feel love you feel utter bliss. You feel happy, free and empowered. Anything less than that is not love. Even if you blame the other person for how much you are hurting, it is blame, sadness and those other negative emotions you feel. Not love. Love only feels good.

You might temporarily be tuned out of the frequency of love – that is why it feels so bad, because you LOVE to love and you WANT to love. And when conditions turn up that makes it hard for you to feel love in your heart, of course it will feel bad! But the negative feeling is never caused by love. Ever.

There is an even better way to love someone than most people are practicing: to love unconditionally. If you can truly master this you will not be so easily swept off into jealousy, insecurity, anger, sadness or any other negative emotion you might be very used to fall back into. You will have a stable centre of love, you will see through the eyes of love and you will see value in every situation. Maybe not all the time, but you will easily get back into your place of love when you fall off. Most importantly – you will never blame any one else for how you feel – you will realize that how you feel is your job. Love is an inside job just like happiness. ❤


Tell stories that enhance your joy, your happiness, your love and your sense of freedom and empowerment 🌻

Listen to the stories you tell yourself and others. Are those uplifting, good-feeling and empowering stories? Let go of all stories = beliefs that feel off to you and begin telling stories that enhance your joy, your happiness, your love and your sense of freedom and empowerment. ❤


Friday is here ❤❤❤

There is something extra special about Fridays – I have always loved the free Friday feeling. I know I was born on a Friday so perhaps it is my inner being that celebrates life a little extra these days 😉❤.

I have had an awesome day at work, I just got home and now I will change clothes and go get my two little babies from the day care centre. I so look forward to a playful and cozy afternoon with them. ❤❤

I wish you all a wonderful weekend.🌹


A new beginning – let go of all complaints ❤

Let today be a new beginning for you. Stop all your critisim and negative words about others and yourself. Stop yourself in the middle of a sentence if you catch yourself beginning to complain. Back up, go more general and lean in a more positive direction. If it is not possible to do so, be silent or change the subject. Don’t add to the negative momentum. If there is negative aspects then there is the other side of it to focus on, what you do want, what you do prefer and what you do like.

Let your words be filled with love, appreciation and positivity. Let the words you speak enhance feelings of freedom and empowerment. ❤


All you ever have to do is be yourself ❤

There is great empowerment and freedom to be found and felt once you realize all you ever have to do is be yourself.

You are perfect exactly as you are. There is no need for comparison, judgement or for trying to be someone else just to fit in. Let all of that go and discover the freedom in allowing yourself to be who you want to be.

There is no outside force who is judging you or who is disapproving of you or your choices. There is only unconditional love.

Be kinder to yourself! Love yourself! Allow yourself to follow your bliss and enjoy life in ways that please you.


You are not dependent on anyone else’s attention in order to feel worthy ❤

It is nice to have someone to love – but you don’t need another person to feel whole, complete, loved or to live a fullfilling life. Remind yourself of that often. Focus inward, on how you feel – unconditionally. Disregard them for a moment and focus on how you feel about yourself. Work on loving yourself, regardless who else loves you or doesn’t love you. Work on feeling good about being you, feeling free and empowered – regardless who approves or disapproves of you.

You are not dependent on anyone else’s attention in order to feel worthy – give yourself the approval, attention, appreciation and love you desire and as a bonus you will see all your relationships improve as well.


What makes you feels good?

  • What makes you feel good?
  • What things make you feel relaxed?
  • What things do you enjoy most?
  • What things give you most pleasure?

Ask yourself these types of questions everyday and deliberately choose to do more things that feel good to you, every day.

Even if you have to do something that you don’t want to do today – say no or do it while you withdraw mentally from the chatter around you and find relief in your mind as you do it. And think about all the good feeling things you will choose to do later.

Value yourself. Love yourself. Take care of yourself and choose to honor yourself by listening to what feels good to you and do more of those things.


The best, most empowering reason to feel good


Magical people ❤


Feeling good is a matter if choice, a choice of focus

You can do all the things you love to do and feel awesome –  but to be able to feel RELIEF no matter what you do, THAT is what you are looking for!

It is easy to feel good when things go your way and when what you see makes you smile – but true empowerment and freedom lies in being able to let what ever it is you are doing and seeing inspire you to focus in a way that feels better to you. 


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