Take a deep breath, lay down and relax

What if things work out beautifully well in the end? Take a deep breath, lay down and relax. Relax and trust life again.

Your life is just a second in the eternity that is your journey

Your life is just a second in the eternity that is your journey. What seems like a lifetime of pain, is but a blink of the eye. All moments merely scattered pieces that in the end enriches the bigger picture

Forgive them without words, fill your heart with compassion and set yourself free

Those who laugh at your insecurities, don’t care about the darkness you had to go through. Not because they are insensitive, but because they are so caught up in their own inner pain and turmoil.

Those who hurt others are only acting out their own inner pain, whether they know it or not. Forgive them without words, hold nothing but compassion in your heart for them and set yourself free.

Break free from your own victim mentality

Acknowledge how far you have come and realize that you – and only you – can choose the perspective from which you view yourself and life.

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