All you ever have to do is be yourself ❤

There is great empowerment and freedom to be found and felt once you realize all you ever have to do is be yourself.

You are perfect exactly as you are. There is no need for comparison, judgement or for trying to be someone else just to fit in. Let all of that go and discover the freedom in allowing yourself to be who you want to be.

There is no outside force who is judging you or who is disapproving of you or your choices. There is only unconditional love.

Be kinder to yourself! Love yourself! Allow yourself to follow your bliss and enjoy life in ways that please you.


What do you say to yourself?

Listen to what you tell yourself. Most people are really cruel to themselves without even thinking about it. However, they would never say such cruel things to someone else they care about!

A good way to start changing this is to find a picture of yourself as a little boy/ little girl. Look into the eyes of this little one – what would you want to tell yourself?

Here is a picture of me as a little girl.

I would like to tell her that she is so loved and so adored. That it doesnt matter what others say to you or what they do – not even what your parents say or do – you are wonderful and loved unconditionally.

I would tell her to follow her bliss, to care about how she feels and seek ways to feel better. You don’t need others approval to feel good about yourself. Never let the disapproval of others bring you down – how they feel about you is all about them and their perspective.

Continue to be the happy, energetic, passionate and unique girl you truly are. You are cute, you are loving, you are caring and you are so valuable.

Life will always continue to get better for you, no matter how it temporarily might look.

Forgivness heals your mind, body and spirit

Forgivness is so reliefgiving, not only to the one you forgive but most importantly for you. ❤

Keeping hate and blame in your heart darkens your mind and spirit, no matter how justified you feel in your resentment. Free yourself from the weight of blame by forgiving the other person. 

Allow yourself to lovingly grow stronger and more empowered because of the experience. 

Time to forgive yourself ❤

The biggest argument you have ever had

Sure it would have been better if you had not hurt each other. Sure it would have been better if you had just stopped before you shouted at each other. But what happened, happened. So what? It doesn’t make it better to feel sorry about it now – forgive yourself and the other person as well.

Let it go and find your own inner peace again. See it as a breath of fresh air to just let it all go and focus all your energy on feeling relief right now. It is ok!

Forgive yourself and set yourself free

The past is over and done with, forgive yourself and everyone else as well.

This moment – now – is fresh and new. Embrace it and begin to love yourself again. 

Those who hate are hurting within

“​Those that hate the most are those that are hurting the most. They are those who have deprived themselves the most from the source within them.”

Abraham Hicks

Forgive and blossom


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