The one who hurt you gave you valuable gifts that no kind person could ever give you 🙏

🌹You don’t know strength, until you experience the unbearable.

🌹You don’t know kindness until you forgive the unforgivable.

🌹And you don’t know peace until you find it in your heart to make peace with everything that happened. Completely. 🙏

The one who hurt you the most, who brought you to your knees and shattered all your sense of security – he gave you valuable gifts that no kind person could ever give you. His behavior inspired you to find your inner strength, fill your heart with kindness and sooth your body by making peace with everything.

Can all things be forgiven?

To forgive someone – no matter how much they hurt you – is not about that person at all but about you and how you feel. Forgiving is about making peace with what happened, making peace with the other person´s hurtful action, making peace with the powerlessness you felt in that situation and making peace with your pain, your fear and your sadness.

You don’t need to talk to the person who hurt you, you don’t need to tell him that you forgive him – just gently make peace with it in your own mind. Do it for you, as a valuable step in your own healing journey.

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