Forgive him and wish him peace πŸ™

You never know what someone has been through, so you can never really understand why they feel as they feel and why they act as they do. πŸ™ There is a reason behind everything, even the most evil person on the planet was once a little innocent baby. We are all born good, kind and in need of love and affection. This is who we really are. The negative behavior, the hurtful actions is only inner pain being expressed in the only way they know how. It does not excuse the hurtful actions, it only gives you a reliefgiving perspective. No one who truly loves themselves would ever hurt anothet being. πŸ™


Let the pain go, forgive him and once again look at life through loving eyes

I strongly believe in the goodness in everyone. Even if someone does something very bad and very wrong – I still believe they are only acting out their own inner pain and that goodness and kindness is at their core, underneath all that pain.

Does that mean that their behavior is ok? No, of course not. It is never ok to hurt another being. However, when you look at everyone and their behavior with this belief in your heart, it makes it easier for you to let the pain go, forgive them and once again look at life through loving eyes.

Be kind whenever possible, forgive always and look at everyone through the eyes of unconditional love

Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.”

Dalai Lama

Someone has to break the negative cycle, and it might as well be you. When someone hurts you, threatens you and even wants to hurt you again – they don’t feel good on the inside. Does that excuse all their deterimental behaviour? No. But hating them, pushing against them and seeking revenge will just lower your vibration as well and will breed more pain.

Of course it is a good idea to remove yourself from the person who wants to hurt you, to seek help and protection. Of course, but keep in mind that even the one that might be deemed the most “evil” person on the planet was once a pure, innocent baby who just wanted to be loved and feel good. Something happened along the way that made that longing for love so painful. Their “bad behaviour” are just ways they act out their own inner pain.

Be kind whenever possible, forgive always and try to look at everyone through the eyes of unconditional love. Especially the ones you feel are impossible to love – they need it the most. πŸ™

Be the person you needed when you were hurting πŸ™

Be the person who breaks the cycle. If you were judged, choose understanding. If you were rejected, choose acceptance. If you were shamed, choose compassion.

Be the person you needed when you were hurting, not the person who hurt you. Vow to be better than what broke you – to heal instead of becoming bitter so you can act from your heart, not your pain. ”

Lori Deschene

You can leave my body bruised and battered, you can even shatter my trust and faith in humanity – love will still prevail πŸ™

You can take my heart and break it, you can hurt me and leave my body body bruised and battered – you can even shatter my trust and faith in humanity – it will only be temporary. My kindness and my strenght, my trust and my love will always increase eternally.

No matter what happens, I see no reason to hate, to condemn or to fear because I do not judge to begin with. I trust there is goodness within everyone, and if you find it in your heart to feel better, you will treat other people better as well.

Will your heart need a life time to heal? Then so be it πŸ™

Let it take the time it needs. Some hearts heal quickly, others need a life time to heal. Be kind to yourself every step of the way.

Don’t listen to the crowd, listen to your heart. How do you feel? Honor your feelings by acknowledging them, approving of them and allowing them.

There is no shame, no guilt and no blame. Just acceptance, kindness and love. πŸ™ Be your own best friend and support yourself no matter what happens.

Turn the other cheek – forgive unconditionally πŸ™

Have faith in that what ever happens, you can handle it. Trust that this too shall pass and that everything will be alright. Believe in the goodness in everyone, and choose to be the one who forgives unconditionally.

Turn the other cheek really doesn’t have to mean letting them beat you up or letting them have their way with you – to me it means to forgive unconditionally, letting to of all hatred, condemnation and criticism – finding it in your heart to love unconditionally, and at the same time following your heart and moving away from what doesn’t serve you.

We are all good people who are trying the best we can, given the circumstances, experiences, beliefs and desires we have. Hatred only creates more hatred, to forgive unconditionally and to love unconditionally will set you free. πŸ™

“Bad people” don’t drive you crazy – your perspective does πŸ™

There is no such thing as a” bad kid” – just angry, hurt, tired, scared, confused, impulsive ones expressing their feelings and needs the only way they know how. We owe it to every single one of them to always remember that. ”

– Dr. Jessica Stephens

We are all doing the very best we can, given the circumstances, experiences, beliefs, desires and emotional state we are in. There is no value in condemnation, not even of the most ” bad” or “wrong” people you can think of. Holding on to resentment only wears you down. Letting go, forgiving and moving on in peace – those are valuable steps you can take, no matter the situation. We teach by the clarity of our own example – hate only breeds more hate, unconditional love is the answer.

My voice will no longer tremble when I speak your name

Your desire for more was so intense, you just had to do it. You didn’t listen to me when I begged you to stop, my “no” was silenced by your strong hands.

You wanted more, you wanted it all and you tried to break me to get it and you tried to silence my voice.

My voice will no longer tremble when I speak your name. I am stronger than this – I forgive you and I set myself free. Free to enjoy life again, free to love my body again and free to believe in the goodness in everyone. Including you.

Don’t poison your mind with their negativity – forgive them and move on

Forgive those who hurt you, those who spread rumors and are jealous of you. Forgive them, not because they deserve it but because you deserve to feel good no matter what they think, say, do or want.

Don’t poison your own mind with their negativity – keep breathing new pure life into you, keep your head high and love yourself unconditionally. You are not your mistakes, you are not your past and you are certainly not limited by other people’s opinions of you. Those who truly matters in your life love you and see the light in your heart. Let the others believe as they choose to, and move on. πŸ₯°πŸ™

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