In dark times – those who truly care about you will shine bright ❤

I have gone through the most difficult times I have gone through in years, and it was such an eye opener. Last week I felt utterly helpless and alone and I reached out to others for support, but no one was there for me when I was at my darkest of times except my boyfriend and my two little babies. The more difficult the situation became, the more alone I felt yet the more secure and unconditionally loved I felt by my boyfriend and my two little babies.

Even though the choice was extremely difficult to make the first 5 days, it was extremely easy to make the decision on day 6. I realized that no one else other than my babies and my boyfriend truly matters in my life. They all say it is my choice, and that they feel sorry for me – but those where just hollow, meaningless words. None of them where there for me. I had to face all my fears and tears alone, I had to go through with it alone. My babies supported me just by loving me unconditionally like they always do, and my boyfriend made it very clear the last days that no matter what I choose, he will stay with me and our babies. We are a family and he is not going anywhere. Yet I knew he only saw one solution, and the first 5 days I only saw the opposite solution. However, I aligned with my heart and it gave me such sweet relief. As I woke up on day six the choice was clear and I felt an inner peace again. I made the call, alone. I went there, alone. I went through it, alone. Then I called my boyfriend to let him know.

Was it easy? Yes, once I had aligned with my choice. Everything unfolded just perfectly and I know this is the best choice for me at this time. Will I ever regret this? Of course, but it will always bring me inner peace to know that at this point in time I did what was best for me. And once you align with a choice, it will work out beautifully well for you.


We don’t need more sleep, we need to wake up and live!

Let them follow their bliss and be free 💖

If it feels off – give your attention to something that feels good

Let your body, your health and your entire life blossom into everything you secretly desire

Let go of all your masks, all your fake smiles and all your people pleasing. Dare to find out who you truly are and dare to embrace yourself in all your unique expressions.

Being who you really want to be – who you want to be – in a world that benefits from your insecurity, that is the most loving, freeing and empowering gift you could ever give yourself.

No, you dont have to change! No, you dont have to fit in! No, we are not supposed to look the same ways, feel the same things, have the same desires and beliefs – you are unique and beautiful in your own splendor.

There is no comparison. This is your life, you are the main character – give yourself the love you seek and watch your body, your health and your entire life blossom into everything you secretly desire. You will thrive beyond anything you have ever imagined. ❤

Remember what you love and enjoy it more ❤

Your perspective, your life – no judgement ❤

Let them call you bad – allow yourself to blossom

You are not bad or wrong – you are you. Unique, loved and worthy of all things you desire.

We are all unique and we are not supposed to be colorless copies of someone else – listen to what calls you, what makes your heart sing and follow the paths that feel good to you.

They don’t know what is right or wrong for you – only you can know that. Your desires, beliefs and preferences are unique to you and therfore your choices will be unique to you.

Let others choose as they see fit for themselves. Allow them to have the desires, belief and preferences they have. But most importantly: let yourself choose what calls you the most and listen to your own desires. This is your life, choose to live it in ways that fulfill you.

Follow the crowd and their expectations? No more

You don’t have to follow the crowd. You don’t have to live your life in ways others expect you to. There is not only one right way of doing anything – there are endless right ways and you get to choose what works best for you.

People may expect you to be social, be a mother in a certain way or perhaps they expect you to marry. It doesn’t matter what it is that they or society or the world expects you to do or choose. What do you want? This is your life, and you get to choose how you want to live it.

There is no point in trying to be a people pleaser because when you do something you don’t feel called to doing, just to please someone else, you go against yourself and it is detrimental to your emotional health and even your physical health.

Start valuing yourself by listening to how you feel and choose what feels better to you. Sooth yourself by acknowledging that there truly is no right or wrong way to do anything. You get to choose. As long as you feel good it will be of value to you and everyone else as well. You can harm no one when you are true to who you are by honoring how you feel and following your bliss.

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