Even your nightmares are of value – they are reminders that you have to change your focus if you want to feel better ❤️

When you wake up sweating with fear from a nightmare and your heart is racing with anxiety – take a deep breath, remind yourself that nightmares tell you valuable things as well. How the nightmare played out, and especially how you felt during your nightmare, can tell you a lot about what you are focusing on during your days.

A nightmare can be a gentle reminder that it is very beneficial for you to work on your focus, your perspective of something that matters a lot to you. Unless you work on your perspective, nightmares and other reminders in the forms of more thoughts and emotions during your days regarding that topic will continue to come to you.

So, thank your body for the reminder and choose to use this reminder as a wake up call to work on changing your perspective and your focus during your days to a more optimistic, loving focus.

When you feel lost in your panic – go slower, breathe through it and sooth yourself back ❤️

When your heart is racing with panic, you have only one job to do: sooth yourself. What you think and fear when you feel lost in your panic is not real, just shadows in your own mind. Breathe through it and trust that this too shall pass as you sooth yourself back.

Nothing matters more than how you feel. If you feel stressed, worried, anxious or any other unwanted emotion – go slower and sooth yourself more.

The rage you feel burning within you – a sign that your body needs your soothing ❤️

The rage you feel burning within you, might actually be your powerlessness and your shattered trust in humanity that needs to be soothed.

Be kinder to yourself and show your body that it is safe and loved, unconditionally. ❤️ You don’t heal yourself by condemning your rage, you heal by understanding that your rage is a sign that your body needs to be soothed. So, start soothing yourself. 🌹

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