🌸 Time for pilates πŸŒΈ

I love my evenings, they are so magical. My babies are sleeping peacefully, my boyfriend is downstairs playing computer games… the entire house is still and silent.

I am going to enjoy some refreshing pilates. I love the way it makes my muscles feel. It is intense, yet relaxing at the same time since I am lying down while I do it. I love the soreness in my legs afterwards, and it is so effective. Feels like it lazer targets every muscle I want to use. Brilliant.

  • What do you enjoy most about your evenings? 🌸

A new day and a new dress β€

I feel so good today, I am going to have an awesome day at work today. I have amazing students that are so much fun to work with, I have the best co-workers imaginable and I feel so appreciated by my bosses.

Today I will enjoy a lunch date with my boufriend, we will go to a really nice Asian restaurant. A perfect break from my work day.

  • I wish you a wonderful day as well.

A lazy and cozy Sunday

We are enjoying a lazy and cozy Sunday at home together.

There will be lots of delicious food, relaxing moments on the sofa and some playing together today. At home. I love days like these. 🐣πŸ₯πŸ‡

A really fun day ahead πŸ’–

Today is going to be awesome! I will spend the morning at home with my babies and then we will all go to JΓΆnkΓΆping (a city close by) and do some shopping and more playing of course. We will also buy some Easter decorations – it will be so much fun to decorate the house together. πŸ‡πŸ₯🐣

I am going to buy some things at Body Shop for me. I want to pamper myself tonight with some new schampoos and body butters. I really look forward to that. πŸ’–

I hope you will have a great day as well.

Took my baby girl with me to work β€

My baby girl is still not well enough to be at the day care centre so I brought her with me to work today. My students (who are 17-19 years old) thought it was really fun to meet her and have her with us during our classes.

She was really tired afterwards and fell asleep really quickly tonight.

I am also very tired and look forward to a relaxing evening.

I hope you have had a nice day as well.

Early morning workout – arms today πŸ’ͺ

I feel so exhaused in the most delightful way 🀣. I love working out a few minutes in the morning. Today I focused on my arms and my upper body. I absolutely love the sore feeling in my muscles after a workout. My glutes are still deliciously sore from yesterday’s workout. πŸ‘

  • What do you enjoy most about working out?

A cozy evening and an upcoming birthday β€

After I had put my babies to bed tonight I went grocery shopping with a friend. (My boyfriend stayed home, relaxing on the couch) Now I am back home and I have changed into my workout clothes. I am considering doing some yoga before I go to bed. It always makes me feel so relaxed.

I have had the best day ever. I feel so satisfied on so many levels. I love knowing that it is Friday tomorrow and that I will spend the entire weekend with my two little babies.

My baby boy’s birthday is on the 5th of February so we will have some friends over both on Saturday and on Sunday to celebrate. ❀❀❀

I hope you have had a nice day as well and that you will have an awesome weekend.

An early morning workout (when you have kids πŸ€£)

I slept the entire night tonight! (5hours!!!!) It must be weeks since that happened last time. My babies slep peacefully the entire night. Now I feel rested and ready for my morning workout.

Only my two cats are up with me. πŸ’–

But my babies woke up before I finished so we did the final moves together πŸ€£πŸ’–

Cozy snack time πŸŒ»

I am enjoying my last days of holiday before I have to go back to work again. As always I am always hungry so I am having fun with trying new snacks. Today I chose sandwiches with avocado, lemon and black pepper. It was really nice and refreshing.

I am so happy there are only 5 weeks left until my next holiday week – I love being home with my two little babies. ❀❀

We are having fun and playing all the time, so the relaxing snack times are well needed for all of us, like now when I give them a few minutes with their ipads. 

And now we are playing again 😊. It is really cold outside but I think we will go out and play in the snow a little while at least.

Classy and sassy

I absolutely LOVE trying on clothes – that is basically what I do when my babies are sleeping and I get a few moments to myself. 

I fell in love with this beautiful outfit tonight. Pretty classy and sassy in a lovely feminine way. ❀

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