A warm, colorful sky can breathe hope back into your heart

Even in the midst of the ice cold, frozen winter, a warm colorful sky can breathe hope back into your heart.

It is a sign of positive strength to say no and set boundaries

People who hurt others are only acting out their own inner pain, they don’t need more hatred or punishment – they need help. And regardless the circumstances, if it feels even the slightest bit off to you, it is a beautiful sign that it is a good idea for you to say no and set boundaries.

If they freak out when you say no and set boundaries – your boundaries were very much needed! Don’t let them or their actions bring you down – you can grow as a person because of it all, and you help them too by setting your boundaries. It is all of value

Unwanted experiences or clarifying contrast?

In fact, do you even have to think about what happened as “unwanted experiences”? Why not start thinking about it as clarifying contrast? Huge difference in perspective. Take your power back by realizing that you can use the clarifying contrast as inspiration to blossom into everything you desire to be. It is all of value.

Take comfort in knowing that all it takes is one small step

The path ahead of you might seem rough an unpredictable – take comfort in knowing that all it takes is one small step. You don’t have to know the entire path ahead of you, just gently take one step at a time. One breath at a time.

There is always a glimmer of hope inside your heart

At times you may feel lost in dark despair, and you may tremble by the mere thought of what happened. However, it is never hopeless and it is never too late because no matter how dark it might temporarily seem – there is always a glimmer of hope inside your heart. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and trust that this too shall pass.

A vital part of your healing journey

Hiding away from the world in your own safe haven may not take away the thing you fear, however, it may give you a moment of rest and relief which might be exactly what your body needs. So hide away, rest and refuel your energy – it is a vital part of your healing journey.

Rebuild your life around new, joyful memories

You are not doomed to a life in misery and sadness just because you were abused once, twice or even a thousand times. It is never too late, you are never too broken and it is never hopelesseventually you can find ways to have fun and enjoy life again, and then you can rebuild your life around new, joyful memories.

The nourishing mud from which you rebuild your strength

The nourishing mud is of beautiful value to the lotus flower. Use your challenging experiences as your nourishing mud from which you can rebuild your strength.

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