How to feel better


It is not a big deal! It is easier than you think

When you make peace with it, you allow what you desire

“All of you, without exception, have the ability not only to attract the answers to your questions, but you have the ability to attract whatever you are wanting whenever you are wanting.

But most of you, while you are attracting with one vibration, you are disallowing with the other vibration; because you are wanting, but you are hurting, you are wanting, but you are fearing, you are wanting, but you are focused upon lack of what you want sort of all at the same time.”

Abraham Hicks

Feeling good in the midst of pain and contrast? ❤

It is easy to feel good when everything around you is as you desire it to be. But what if you are in a very challenging situation or you are going through a very rough time, or you might even be in physical pain… how can you feel good then? Well, it is enough to just reach for a little relief. Try to sooth yourself as best as you can. It is all you can do and it is enough.

To have pain and feel fear or to have pain and feel hopeful are very different vibrations and the result will be very different as well. You still have pain right now, but you can feel a little better emotionally – regardless. That is the key.

So start by being kind to yourself and your body. Know that this too shall pass and love yourself through it. Sooth yourself, just as much as you would have soothed someone you truly love. It is ok, it is alright, I am here for you, it will pass. 🖤

Trust your heart, you are doing the right thing ❤

The message for today ❤

I have decided, and I am 100% aligned with my choice ❤

What about energy vampiers, people who take your positive energy away?

No one can take away energy from you or drain you of positive energy- it is you and your own thoughts that pull you down. You can look around at other people and blame them all you want but you are the one who is choosing to blame. Let that negative habit go. Stop calling people negative or positive and start focusing on your own emotional stability. If you feel good and feel stable in your emotional balance, you can keep your emotional balance easily even if everyone around you is very negative.

The control of how you feel is never placed outside of you, never in someone else’s hands and never in a situation how you feel is always, 100% in your control because it is always about your perception, your beliefs and your thoughts, and you can always do something about that!

When someone you love wants you to do something so that they can feel better ❤

Let go of your struggling thoughts, make peace with it

Find a way to better about it and it will be easier to do it. ❤

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