Your fear hurts you more than the situation itself – but your fear cannot kill you

Life has a way of working out no matter how dark and hopeless it temporarily might seem. Don’t give up, keep breathing. Your fear hurts you more than the situation itself – but your fear cannot kill you. Breathe through it and realize you are ok, now. You are safe. You are secure. No one is going to hurt you. Open your eyes and realize you have been afraid of nothing but mere shadows in your own mind. πŸ™

Don’t despair because of your sadness, keep breathing – this too shall pass πŸ™

This is so beautiful and something very beneficial to practice. Don’t be afraid of your anxiety or your fear, don’t condemn yourself for your rage and anger and don’t despair because of your sadness. Allow your thoughts to pass through your mind and allow your emotions to feel as they feel while you focus on breathing deeply and telling yourself that it is ok, you are not going to die just because it feels like this and it will pass. πŸ™

Your fear and sadness will come and go as the waves on the ocean πŸŒŠ

The fear you feel blocks you from enjoying life in ways that call you. But that is ok. When you go through difficult times and fear, worry, anxiety and sadness fill your mind chronically, it is like you press pause on your life. Sometimes it is very necessary to give yourself this pause, to give yourself some time to make peace with what happened. Once you have made peace with it, it will be easier to let go of your fear a little.

However, it is natural if fear and sadness comes and goes for quite a while, look at it like waves on the ocean: on days where you feel your worst you are in the middle of a big wave of emotions – but every wave will peeter out. Breathe through it and let yourself heal. πŸ™

Your anxiety and fear are natural and normal reactions to unnatural circumstances and behavior πŸŒΉ

Your anxiety and fear are natural and normal reactions to unnatural circumstances and behavior. The one who hurt you made you go into survival mode for so long, and that is alright allow yourself to step out of your inner suffering, voice how you feel, breathe through it and let yourself heal.

Time does not heal all wounds, you do πŸ™

Let it take as long as it needs – another year or ten years, allow yourself time and space to heal. You are never wasting you time, healing can take an entire lifetime. Be proud that you are still breathing after everything you have been through. πŸ™

All the things that make your heart breathtakingly sad or devastatingly angry teach you something very valuable

Your emotional triggers are your strong indicators of where you need to find healing.

Never condemn yourself for feeling anger or sadnessallow yourself to feel it fully and realize there is something within you that needs to heal – There is pain, hurt and fear within you – and unless you allow yourself to heal from that you will continue to attract people, behavior and experiences that match your inner pain and fear. πŸ™

Value your safety, value your protection – but don’t let fear darken your heart πŸ™

Fear hurts you more than the situation itself. When you fear something you focus on what could happen, what he could do to you once again but nothing is happening right now, so why would you waste your now by focusing on a fearful scenario in your mind? Totally wasted time.

Yes, he might seek revenge one day. Yes, he might hurt you again. He might even try to hurt you even more next time. But he is not doing it to you right now. So why feel bad now? Perhaps he never tries to hurt you ever again, perhaps he has changed his ways and lets the thoughts of you go. You don’t know. Even if he wants to hurt you again, it is not certain that he actually can.

Value your own safety, value your protection but don’t let fear darken your heart. Believe in the goodness in everyone. Choose to make peace with what ever happens, trust that it will be alright, have faith in yourself and your strenght – you can handle what ever comes your way.

Tragedy in life can inspire you to find your inner strenght πŸŒ±

When we meet real tragedy in life, we can react in two ways – either by losing hope and falling into self-destructive habits, or by using the challenge to find our inner strength. Thanks to the teachings of Buddha, I have been able to take this second way.”

Dalai lama

What happened to you might have brought you to your knees, it might have left you in deep despair and you could even feel so broken you just want to give up. But you have a choice. The most important choice you will ever make. Will you let this be the end of you, the end of all your dreams, desires and even the end of who you truly are? Or, will you let this be your solid foundation on which you stand while finding your inner strenght once and for all?

There is always hope, there is always love, there is always happiness, there is always strenght – there is always a choice.

A little bit of hope can clear even the darkest of hearts πŸ’ž

The purest of hearts were once filled with such darkness there was not even a trace of light to be found anywhere.

But, a little bit of hope can clear even the darkest of hearts. It is never too late for a new beginning, now is all you ever have and all you ever need – now is when you can change how you feel and that will change everything.

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