My eyes beg you to touch me… kiss me…satisfy my insatiable lust

With no words… you take my breath away

With no touch… you make my body ache for more

With only your eyes you satisfy me more than any other man could ever do with their touch

I fell for you so deeply…so passionately… and even though I tried to keep it a secret… my eyes beg you to touch me…kiss me…desire me… satisfy my insatiable lust


Why you have my heart, eternally ❤

I don’t fall for your beauty, for your body, for your face, for your eyes, for your hands, for your hair, for your smile, for your car, for your house, for your money, for your sexy attitude, for your experiences or for your personality – I don’t fall for any of those things. These things might look really nice, but these things are irrellevant for my feelings because I fall for your energy. I could tell just after a few seconds I met you, that I would fall for you – eternally. Nothing in this world could ever compete with that.

Insatiable lust and pleasure filled attraction 🌼

Like the moon and the stars, you light up my darkest nights…You caress me like the ocean waves caress the thirsty beach…always leaving me wanting more….

As I lay here sleepless in the middle of the night there is only one who can satisfy my intense desire and that is you… I never believed in soul mates until the first second our eyes met… insatiable lust and pleasure filled attraction, that is what I feel for you… ❤

Here you are – at the wrong place, at the wrong time – and it is perfect

You lit a desirefilled fire within me and it burns more passionately every day…

I have tried to free myself from the pleasureable thoughts of you but when I see your eyes…hear your voice…see your smile….feel your scent….feel your hands on my body… the attraction gets stronger and stronger until it leaves me breathless again…

I thought I would never love again but here you are – at the wrong place, at the wrong time – and it is perfect in every way.

I never thought I would feel love again – then I met you ❤

Just hearing your name sends ripples of pleasure through my body

Your hands all over my body

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