You are every secret desire I have ever dreamed of â¤

Meeting you has made every step along the way so valuable and so precious. Each mistake, each experience and every person I met all led me to you.

Everything I have been through hightened my desire for what I truly wanted and what I really needed – and the moment I met you all my wishes came true.

You are everything I have ever dreamed of, every secret desire I have ever had… you are my everything. ❤


🌹 Don’t worry about your choices and your mistakes ðŸŒ¹

Getting off your path can actually be the best way to get you on your path again. Sometimes a little contrast is all you need to see things in a new light.

Don’t worry about your choices and your “mistakes” – they are all perfect stepping stones that will take you on the most satisfying journey toward everything you desire. Just relax, make peace with your past, present and future while you enjoy the ride.


You are enough â¤

“You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anybody.”

~Maya Angelou


A really cold shower this morning ðŸ¤£â¤

I had to take a shower in ice cold water this morning – truly refreshing 🤣😨❤.

And now we don’t have any more water for at least two hours before a plummer gets here. Something happened with one of our pipes in our garage last night.

We woke up at 2am to a really strange sound. It sounded like someone was taking a very loud shower. We checked everywhere and finally when we went to look in the garage we saw that a pipe was broken and water rushed out all over the floor and all over the stairs. It was impossible to make it stop so we turned off the main switch instead. We briefly turned it on again this morning so we could gather some cold water.

We are so lucky because it only happened in the garage and nothing was damaged, and the floor is made of concrete and to top it all off – we have a neighbour who is a plumber. 😄


Allow others to follow the paths in life that call them – allow yourself to choose differently â¤

Keep following your bliss, keep listening to your own inner guidance. Allow others to follow the paths that call them and allow them to choose what they believe in. Allow yourself to choose differently.

We are all unique and we all have different ideas, views, beliefs, experiences and desires. What feels right to you might be very different from what someone else would consider to be right about the situation. Embrace your differences and allow yourself to listen to your inner guidance and let it guide you.


Experience the delicious sweetness of life, now â¤

Imagine the relief and excitement when you truly understands this! How awesome! All the things you desire... you are already all of those things. ❤ Everything is mind over matter. Once you realize this you let go of all limitations (and every limitation is self-imposed!) and you allow all of the things you desire to be, do and have to be fully realized by you. That is the delicious sweetness of life.


It is the answer to every problem and every challenge you are faced with â¤

Especially when you are going through a lot of difficulties. Maybe you have made some mistakes or you have some health issues – now is the time to be extra kind and loving towards yourself.

Show yourself unconditional love no matter what is going on around you and no matter what is going on with your own body. You could be far from the body you desire, your skin could be freaking out all over your face, you could be far from the beauty you want to experience – it does not matter. LOVE is the answer to every problem and every difficuly. Choose to look at yourself and everything else through eyes of love. Look for things you like in everyone – including yourself.

Beauty, happiness, satisfaction in life… it all starts with love, and it shines from within. Let your love radiate stronger and stronger with each passing day. Make every day a day to fall deeper in love with yourself and all of life. This is your life, you were created to be exactly as you are – and you are magnificent – of course you are loved and adored by all that is! It is time for you to embrace this love and allow yourself to feel it.❤❤❤



How to get the magical change you desire

Change comes when you change your thoughts. Your thoughts – on every topic, no matter how big or small – affects how you feel.

If you want to feel better, you are in charge. How you feel is not dependent on the circumstances or your precious experiences. It is only dependent on the thoughts you choose to think now. Now is where all your power is, now is when you can begin to improve how you feel.

When you change your thoughts, how you feel will change = your vibration has changed. The entire universe will respond differently to you as a result – so as a bonus your entire life will improve to match your new vibration.

It all begins with the small daily thoughts you think, and you can begin to change that, now.


Allow your healing to begin â¤

Love yourself through this storm. I know it is hard right now, I know you feel like giving up – allow your healing to begin by starting to love unconditionally. Love yourself, love everyone else, love the experiences – let your love radiate from within and embrace everything around you.


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