Can all things be forgiven?

To forgive someone – no matter how much they hurt you – is not about that person at all but about you and how you feel. Forgiving is about making peace with what happened, making peace with the other person´s hurtful action, making peace with the powerlessness you felt in that situation and making peace with your pain, your fear and your sadness.

You don’t need to talk to the person who hurt you, you don’t need to tell him that you forgive him – just gently make peace with it in your own mind. Do it for you, as a valuable step in your own healing journey.

“This too shall pass” and “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” – bullshit or beautiful truth?

It doesn’t matter how many years you have spent going through difficulties, the only thing that matters is this moment right now. When you find it in your heart to make peace with everything that you have been through, you will begin to feel better.

Everything that happens to you is of beautiful value, because it can all inspire you to NOW become stronger, happier and more in love with life.

❤️ The darkest of experiences can inspire you to be more optimistic and to trust the process of life

❤️ The most painful of experiences can inspire you to be kinder to yourself and to have more love in your heart for other human beings

❤️ The roughest of paths can inspire you to become clear about how you want to live your life and what you desire most

❤️ The most shattering of experiences can inspire you to become confident, empowered and free

Everything that happens is of beautiful value – no matter how temporarily dark it might seem, something beautiful and good will come out of this situation.

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