A really nice day with my co-workers and my bosses

Today my co-workers and my two bosses went to a really nice inn where we talked about the new plans for next term. We discussed a lot of important topics and then we had a delicious lunch together.

The inn was located by a lake and it was really cozy there. And the food was delicious

I went there together with a co-worker in her cab. It was really nice.

I hope you have had a great day as well.


I want to feel your rough hands eagerly exploring my body

Just the thought of you caresses my body with such warmth and richness that my entire body trembles with pleasure… No matter where I go, what I do or who I am with – you are on my mind…

My entire body hungers for your tough… I want to feel your rough hands eagerly exploring my body… I want to see the lust and burning desire for more in your eyes and I want to hear you tell me all the things you want to do to me… Even the delicious scent of you is everywhere around me when you are not with me… my longing, my desire and my lust grows stronger and stronger with each passing second. You are all that I want.

My new passion, white “mud cake” 😍

Omg I am so happy. I felt inspired to bake a white mud cake tonight and it was divine!!!

The perfect texture and it was absolutely delicious! Why have I never thought about this before? Why do we have to have cacao in chocolate cakes – mud cakes 🤣🤣🤣 it is so much better and sweeter without it. It suits my taste perfectly.

Look for fun, pleasure and satisfaction in everything that you do

Make today a day where you choose to do things that feel good to you. Eat what you feel most drawn to and allow yourself to fully enjoy it. Listen to what brings you relief and do the things that feel fun to you. Having a good day is all in your hands because it is all about your mindset. Choose to make the best of what ever you do, look for fun, pleasure and satisfaction in everything you do today and use any excuse you can find to feel good.

A day at work filled with delicious treats 💖

This day has been so much fun! A wonderful co-worker had her birthday today so we surprised her with a delicious lunch.

The most delicious thing in the whole world ❤

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