Make a choice and line up with it β­


🌻 Your path and your choices are unique to you πŸŒ»

Follow your heart and walk your own path. We are all unique and different in our beliefs and desires about life, therfore your path and your choices are unique to you.

We are not supposed to all live the same way, to choose the same things and to like the same things – and that is the best part of life! Listen to what feels right and good to you, let that be your guiding light and lovingly allow others to follow their own calling as well.

Trust your choices and they will work out for your highest good β€

There is a huge difference between doing something because you are scared of what might happen if you donΒ΄t, and doing something because you like the idea of how this will benefit you and how much this will be of value to your body, One of these perspectives has a lot of resistance in it and the other perspective is very allowing, The perspective from which you do something will affect the results.

Make it a beautiful habit to always line up with your decisions. LookΒ at the positive sides of the choices you make, search for success stories from people who have done the same thing, read a lot about the value that can be found in it. Let those aspects be the most dominant ones when you think of your choices.

Relax, it will work out for your highest good β€

Make choices that empower you β€

Trust your internal GPS

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