Find pleasure in each moment today

Allow yourself to dive into your fantasy a few times through out your day. Let yourself see, feel, hear and experience all those things you desire most.

A moment of feeling good is a moment that is extremely valuable to you, your health, your body and all other aspects of your life.


❤ Let go of your self-imposed limitations ❤

Be like a playful, happy child! Imagine more, day dream, enjoy the little things more, allow yourself to have fun and dream big! Let go of your self-imposed limitations and remind yourself that anything is possible!!! Not even the sky is the limit, your own mind is.

Open up your mind, be more kind to yourself, decide to start liking yourself again! Show yourself love, kindness, appreciation and support.

Know that you are safe, you are beautifully guided and you are loved and adored simply because you exist.

Soothing, satisfying scenarios that play out exactly as you desire them to 💖

Sooth yourself into feeling relief. No matter where you are or what you do – give yourself a moment here and there to sooth yourself in your mind. Imagine pleasurable, soothing scenarios that play out exactly as you desire them to. Feel the satisfaction and enjoy the moment.

There is no more benefical way to spend a moment than to spend it feeling good – remember to have fun, life is for you and life is supposed to be enjoyed.

Enjoy pleasurable scenarios 

Allow yourself a mental break every day. Take a few moments to just close your eyes, breathe deeply and imagine a pleasurable scenario. You can be anywhere you desire to be, alone or with someone you love being with… anything you desire can happen because you are in charge of your fantasy. 

Just a short moment in a fantasy that gives you relief will sooth your body and mind – your every cell will benefit. Make this a beautiful habit you enjoy daily. 💖

Use your imagination to create what you desire this year

See it, feel it, hear it, touch it – all things are possible in your imagination

The power of your imagination 

“Please yourself with your mind and watch how the universe will please you with the corresponding manifestations.”

Abraham Hicks

I am addicted to the idea of you

Play with your imagination

Remember to play with your imagination a lot, every day. Take a moment now and then to just enjoy pleasurable scenarios in your mind. You can be anywhere you want to be and you can do what ever you feel called to doing

These moments that you enjoy will automatically stop your resistant thinking for a while and will improve your mood. If you do it often you will begin to see manifestations in your life that reflect those good feelings you had in your fantasy. ♡

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