πŸ’š My green dress and lots of cozy moments πŸ’š

I love the color green. I love all colors but there is something special about the color green. For many years I have looked for a green dress with the exact hue I love – a few weeks ago I found one. πŸ’š I tried it on again today since spring has finally begun here in Sweden.

I absolutely love it! πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š

We had lots of cozy and fun moments today and we spent a lot of time outside.

Before it was time to go to bed we relaxed together – such a cozy moment. They will always be my little babies. ❀

I hope you had a nice day and evening as well.


Totally ready for shopping, dinner and a movie tonight πŸŒΈ

The glorious rainy weather continues and I am loving it!!! Today I will spend the first half of the day at home taking care of my babies and later on I will go shopping, eat a delicious dinner and go to the cinema with a friend. It will be so cozy! I am thinking about wearing one of my coziest, dark blue dresses tonight:

It perfectly matches my cozy mood in this glorious rain, it is really comfortable and to top it off, dark blue always brings out the strawberry-blonde look of my hair. Loving it. ❀

  • How will you spend your day?

The perfect afternoon πŸ£πŸ₯πŸ‡

A really fun day ahead πŸ’–

Today is going to be awesome! I will spend the morning at home with my babies and then we will all go to JΓΆnkΓΆping (a city close by) and do some shopping and more playing of course. We will also buy some Easter decorations – it will be so much fun to decorate the house together. πŸ‡πŸ₯🐣

I am going to buy some things at Body Shop for me. I want to pamper myself tonight with some new schampoos and body butters. I really look forward to that. πŸ’–

I hope you will have a great day as well.

A relaxing evening with yoga πŸŒΉ

My baby boy still has a high fever and he threw up again right before bedtime. He is sleeping peacefully, for the time being, in my bed. Thankfully my baby girl is just as well as I am and my boyfriend. It is just my little baby boy who got the flu.

I will try to do some yoga now and just relax – if my baby boy still sleeps peacefully that is. πŸ’–

I wish I could be sick instead of my baby… or at least that he gets well really quickly. ❀

🌹 Embrace your unique figure and allow yourself to blossom πŸŒΉ

You are beautiful just the way you are. Don’t spend any more time comparing yourself to anyone else. You are as unique and beautiful as a rare flower. Let your unique colors shine bright. ❀ A rose doesn’t try to become a lily – a rose embraces being a rose and blooms beautifully in all its splendor. The lily embraces being a lily and shines bright in its beauty. There is no need to try to dim your light or try to be more like othersembrace your unique figure and allow yourself to blossom.

Friday is here β€β€β€

There is something extra special about Fridays – I have always loved the free Friday feeling. I know I was born on a Friday so perhaps it is my inner being that celebrates life a little extra these days πŸ˜‰β€.

I have had an awesome day at work, I just got home and now I will change clothes and go get my two little babies from the day care centre. I so look forward to a playful and cozy afternoon with them. ❀❀

I wish you all a wonderful weekend.🌹

Afraid of carbs? No, I love carbs!

This is what my breakfast looks like. Two sandwiches with peanutbutter and jelly. I always have a big glass of rice milk with that. The other 7 sandwishes I bring to work – as snacks and lunch. (If I don’t eat lunch at a restaurant with my boyfriend like I did today: )

White rice was the foundation, then lots of gravy and vegetarian alternatives. Lovely!

When I get home in the afternoon we have dinner together – my plate is filled up with white rice, gluten free pasta or potatoes as a basis. I add a lot of gravy and veggies.

After dinner at home I always have two more sandwishes a few hours later, and a big glass of rice milk. Sometimes I also choose something else as a late night snack – it depends on if I get hungry again or not.

I am pretty much a carb lover – it is what suits me best. I always listen to my body and what I feel would be most delicious to me in the moment. I follow my bliss.

  • What food do you enjoy most?

One last cozy day at home β€

Today is the last day of our holiday week. We have been out playing in the snow and then playing inside.

I am wearing my favourite comfy clothes today – and will continue to wear them all day. 🌹

I look forward to tomorrow when we will get a baby sitter for the first time in 6 months. My babies will have so much fun and I and boyfriend will relax together at a spa, then eat delicious food, have some beers and then spend the night at a hotel.

But of course I will miss my two little babies a lot and I already – 🀣 – look forward to Sunday when we will pick them up again. ❀❀❀

This week’s last workout πŸŒΉ

I have done the last workout for this week and now I look forward to two days of relaxing at home.

🀣 But I already look forward to the workouts next week because the feeling in my muscles after a workout is so awesome!!!

  • What do you like best with your workout routine?

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