A romantic Saturday – what should I wear? ❤

I am so excited about this weekend! On Saturday my babies will spend the day and night at my brother’s place. This is the first time in over 6 months that we will get a day to ourselves, without our babies. I love my babies so much but it is so nice to spend some time alone with my boyfriend. ❤

We will go to a Spa, go shopping, eat at a beautiful restaurant, have some beers and spend the night at a comfortable hotel. ❤❤❤

I am not sure about what I will wear, this is my favourite dress at the moment though:

Perhaps I will choose it. The dress doesn’t really matter – we will have such a lovely time regardless. ❤

  • How often do you get to spend a day alone with your girlfriend/boyfriend?
  • What do you really look forward to doing with your loved one?

A cozy and snowy day at home ❄❤

We spent sometime outside this morning. It is snowing like crazy outside and my babies had so much fun.

Now we will spend the rest of the day inside – just having a cozy and playful time together.

Without even thinking about it we all wear red today 🤣❤, kind of cute.


Love your figure – but your figure is not the reason for your love! ❤

Whatever your body shape, size and weight might be – practice loving yourself unconditionally. You are more than your body – you are endless and eternal.

The body you have been given this lifetime is your treasure. It is the body that has been your home since you were born and will be until you die – treat it with loving care. ❤

I celebrate my body. I celebrate my curves and edges. I have learned to love myself, my body and my personality, unconditionally. Was it easy? No! Has the love you feel or not feel for yourself to do with your body shape, size and weight? No! I hated myself the first 24 years of my life. I absolutely loathed myself – all aspects of myself. I had the same body shape, size and weight then as I do now.

It is not my body that makes me feel this way or that way – it is the thoughts and the perspectives I choose to view life from.


An awesome early morning workout ❤

I still feel that delicious sore sensation in my muscles since yesterday’s workout. This week I have started a new workout routine and I love how much fun it has been to change it up. I always change routine after 4 weeks, it is a very effective way to challenge your muscles.

This photo I took this morning, right after my early morning workout:

I love the sensation I have all day after a workout – it feels so good! 💖 Tomorrow I will enjoy the last workout for this week.

  • What different types of exercises do you enjoy?

Such a cozy birthday party 💖

We started the day with some shopping and preparations for the birthday party. I wore a comfy dress.

Then we had an awesome birthday party. 💖

They have played a lot with the new toys, especially the excavator ❤

And opening all the presents he got from his friends was so much fun.

He did a really good job of blowing out the candle on the cake – all by himself. 😍

Now that all the guests are gone we are relaxing together and just enjoying some cozy moments together before bedtime. Best birthday ever. ❤

I hope you have had a great day as well. 🌹


A day filled with delicious treats ❤

I had a beautiful day at work, my students are so much fun to work with! And, one of my co-worker treated us to a special lunch:

It was delicious! After work I picked up my babies and we went home together.

The feeling when we get home on a Friday is divine!

One of my favourite friends came to visit and we celebrated with some cake. My babies enjoyed some chocolate treats instead. “Chocolate coins”.

Later on we had pizza:

And now we will probably not eat anything else tonight! 🤣 At least not for an hour or two.

I hope you have had a great day and that you will have an amazing weekend. 🌹❤

And now we will spend the rest of the evening in cozy clothes at home. 💖


Great day, cozy evening… but long for summer! 🤣💖

This day has gone by so quickly! I had an awesome time at work with my students and a cozy evening together with my babies.

My baby girl tried on her sun glasses 🤣 such a cute, cool girl.

And I took a moment to try on some clothes.

I really long for summer right now. It is very cold outside and we have lots of snow… it is nice but I am totally ready for spring now. 🤣💖

I hope you have had a great day and I wish you a cozy evening.


A cozy Wednesday morning ❤

I have worked out and I have just taken a shower. Today is my favourite day of the work-week, Wednesday. Therfore I will wear something extra comfortable and cozy today.

And now it is time to eat some breakfast, rice milk and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. ❤❤❤ And yes that is my children’s colorful, plastic plate! 🤣 I love using those when I eat as well. 😄


A fun day filled with successful moments 💖

The best part about this day was this morning when I was going to leave my kids at the day care center. Both of my babies where really happy and hugged me good bye while smiling and waving. Such an empowered feeling I got from seeing them so at peace with being there and saying good bye. I was so filled with love and joy as I drove to work.

I had a wonderful day at work, it felt really nice to see all my students and co-workers again.

After work I picked up my babies and we went home together. My boyfriend had been home resting the entire day and was really happy to see us.

We have had a cozy evening together with lots of fun, story telling, laughter and delicious food.

And after I put my babies to bed I spent a few minutes trying on clothes for tomorrow. 💖

Now I am just relaxing on the bed with one of my cats.

Enjoy your evening 💖


A beautiful green evening dress

Even though we are just going to stay at home tonight I will wear this beautiful green glittery dress. 😍

It always makes me feel good to try on some clothes – especially beautiful dresses.

Enjoy your evening.


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