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Enjoy the compliments and radiate genuine appreciation 🌹

I have a stalker 🤣😨

Ok this is a little bit weird. Last summer a man looked at me quite often whenever I was out for a walk with my babies. He always smiled and complimented my looks. I didn’t really think about it that much. But… two days ago he walk past our house while I was out in the garden with my babies. He stopped and walked up to me, really close, and started asking me a lot of questions, like what my name was, what I do for a living, what my babies names were and so on. He smiled a lot and said “you look really nice” and put his hand on my shoulder. It made me really uncomfortable but I wanted to be polite so I stood up and walked over to my kids instead while saying thank you and good bye to this man. My boyfriend and our neighbour saw the whole thing because they were just across the road washing our neighbour’s car. They thought it was funny and laughed about it afterwards, said I had an admirer.

Then I put it behind me and didn’t think about it again, until tonight. Our door bell rang and my boyfriend went to open. It was this man again! He asked for me and had brought a gift with him that he wanted to give me. I stayed in another room, pretending I was busy and my babies were sitting with me. My boyfriend thanked him for the gift and thought he would leave after that but the man said he wanted to come in for tea or coffee. My boyfriend said no and told the man that it was not a good time since our babies are about to go to bed. And the man left.

This is weird. It feels weird. I don’t know what to make of this. This man might be kind and caring, just wanting to show some appreciation… but it still feels weird. My boyfriend told me to never ever open the door if this man comes and I am home alone. Sounds like a good plan to me. He also called the neighbour and asked them to keep an eye out the days and evenings I am home alone.

Maybe he is over reacting, but it still feels a bit weird and it is best to go with what feels better.

  • Have you ever been through something similar?

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