Even a small light in a dark room can make all the difference

There will always be those who disagree with you. There will always be those who dislike you and what you do. Let them.

Don’t meet fire with more fire, hate with more hate. That only fuels the negativity. Let it be.

Keep following what you believe is good. Keep honoring yourself and others by choosing love and compassion even though you are met with hate and criticism.

Someone has to slow the negative momentum, and it might as well be you. Even a small light in a dark room can make all the difference.


Love, respect, support and compassion – it all starts with you ❤

Inspire change with love and compassion

Do it from a place of love

I give these beautiful gifts freely

You can choose to love them all

Look at them with kindness and compassion in your heart. Smile at them with pure appreciation and unconditional love. 

You can focus on lovable things in everyone – but you can LOVE them unconditionally whether there are lovable things avaliable for you to see or not. ♡


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