Some comfort for my frozen heart β˜€οΈπŸŒΉπŸŒŠ

The warm sun gently comforts my frozen heart, the soothing ocean gives my restless soul some peace and the intensity of the red dress gives my tired mind some sweet relief.

Be kind to yourself, especially when you feel like giving up. One breath at a time, this too shall pass and you will feel better again.


Every breath I take gives me hope of a better tomorrow πŸ™

My heart is still beating for me. Life is still coursing through my veins. In the stillness of the night, when darkness embraces me and gives me comfort, when the entire world is resting, my every breath gives me hope of a better tomorrow.

Here I feel safe and secure, shielded from the world πŸ™

At night when all is dark and still, I am in my safe haven. Here I feel safe and secure, shielded from the world.

In my safe haven I need not watch my back or have open doors, I can relax and enjoy my moment.

There is only kindness, love and comfort here, my boundaries stand firm and respected. My home is my castle, my fort of relief. πŸ™

I will hold your hand through the darkness

Come to me, I will hold your hand through the darkness. I know there will be stars to light up your path.

You don’t have to dry your tears or hide your pain. Come as you are, feel as you feel. Even in you weakest of moments your heart and soul radiate love, kindness and an ever increasing strenght. I can see through all the pain, all the hurt and all shattered dreams and what I see is beautiful. 🌹

An insatiable longing for comfort

My lonely heart is burning painfully with an insatiable longing for comfort. Only you and your touch can calm my restless soul.

Getting a soothing massage πŸŒΊ

I am so looking forward to Saturday πŸ₯³. I will go to a Spa with a friend for a couple of hours and get a massage. It will be so warm, nice and relaxing. I used to go get a massage every now and then but it has been completely off my list of things I even think about doing for quite some time now. However, I think it is time to start letting my body relax and trust again.

After the massage we will relax in the warm bubble bath. To top it all off, we will go to a nice restaurant afterwards for a lovely dinner. It will be such a cozy, soothing and pampering day. Just what I long for. πŸ™πŸŒΊ

  • Do you have some nice plans for this week?

When you fall apart and want to give up πŸ™

It is ok to fall apart, it is ok to give up, just keep breathing. One moment at a time. I know it feels hard sometimes, I know you just want to run away and hide from it all… and yes, that would be easier temporarily, but you can’t hide from your problems – you have to face them and you have to be there for yourself. Be your own support in these painful moments. Sooth and comfort yourself.

You are doing the best you can and that is enough. πŸ™ Be kind to yourself, give yourself some mental rest by quieting your mind. Just focus on your breathing for a while and feel your every heart beat strenghten you again. This too shall pass and you will feel better again. πŸ™

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