The fever is back ❤

My fever came back last night and today I have been even more sick than this past week. My baby boy eats better but also has a fever today. We are going to spend the day inside.

My boyfriend and my baby girl feel much better though. They went to Mullsjö today to visit some friends.

  • I hope you have a really nice Sunday.

Staying home with my baby boy today ❤

Yesterday my boyfriend had to go and pick up my babies from the day care center a bit earlier than expected. My baby boy has an eye infection and has to stay home at least two days. He felt relatively good anyway and he was out playing a little when they got home.

Today I will stay home with my baby boy half of the day. I will go to work a few hours this afternoon because I have a very important meeting. My boyfriend will come home at lunch time and stay with my baby boy while I go to work.

We had a lot of fun outside and he is almost as happy and energetic as always.

And of course we will enjoy lots of cozy moments together today. ❤

A cold and wintry April’s day ❄

This weather is so much fun because we get all the four seasons each week – the changes are that big. 🤣 Today was extremely cold again but that didn’t stop us from going out to the park and play.

We had a really fun time, but it was so nice to get back home and put on warm, cozy clothes. 🌹

I hope you have had a great day as well. 🌹

A cozy morning

We slept really well tonight. At 5am my two babies woke up so I put us all in my baby boy’s bed and they fell asleep again almost immediately. ❤❤❤ They slept peacefully with their arms around me for two more hours before my boyfriend woke up and came in to us with our two cats. Such a cozy morning. It was almost impossible to get a picture since it was pitch dark and I didn’t want to wake them.

After breakfast we went out for a moment – but it was under -10 degrees celcius so we decided to go back inside rather quickly. 🤣

Inside we have 24 degrees celcius so it is extremely warm and cozy in here.

I feel 50% well now. The fever is gone but the cold and the dizzy feeling remains.

We will continue to enjoy the day inside, eating lots of fruits and just doing what feels good to us.

  • Enjoy your weekend.

Playing with water and snow ☃

We are having a really fun day together. Playing with water inside (yes the plummer fixed everything)

And playing in the snow outside.

Our house is covered in snow – will there ever be spring? 😊

A huge pay raise and fun in the snow ❄

I got a huge pay raise today. I feel so incredibly appreciated at work. ❤❤❤ I have worked there 11 years now and I can see myself working there for the rest of my life. I love my students, I have amazing co-workers and bosses that truly appreciate and value my work.

After work I went to pick up my babies. We played around in the sniw for a while before we went home. It is still incredibly cold outside, -17 Celsius.

  • I hope you have had a great day. What do you appreciate most about your job?

❄ A cold winter day ❄

It is insanely cold here in Sweden right now. I took this picture right after I got home from work – I was so cold. ❄ I walked home from work, changed into warmer clothes and then went to pick up my babies from the day care center. It was the perfect weather for December… right before Christmas. However, we are soon entering March and I am eagerly looking forward to spring – this was not what I was hoping for. 🤣

Anyway, my babies LOVE the weather. They adore all the snow and all the fun things they can do outside in this magical weather. We had a lot of fun walking home together – we had so much fun I completely forgot to take some pictures. I guess those moments are the best.

  • What are your favourite things about winter and cold snowy days?

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