You can leave my body bruised and battered, you can even shatter my trust and faith in humanity – love will still prevail πŸ™

You can take my heart and break it, you can hurt me and leave my body body bruised and battered – you can even shatter my trust and faith in humanity – it will only be temporary. My kindness and my strenght, my trust and my love will always increase eternally.

No matter what happens, I see no reason to hate, to condemn or to fear because I do not judge to begin with. I trust there is goodness within everyone, and if you find it in your heart to feel better, you will treat other people better as well.


When you have been brutally broken by life and yet you rise up and find your inner peace πŸŒ±

It is easy to be happy when life is good. It is easy to call yourself strong when life is smooth and easy. But true strenght is when time after time you have been brutally broken by life and you have been totally stripped of all your joys and passions, and yet you rise up and find your inner peace once again. That is strenght and that is inspiring. 🌱

The beauty in your despair, your guiding light out of the darkness πŸ™

There can be something very beautiful in your despair, because that can be the moment when a sparkle of hope is born.

Once hope has begun to glimmer within you, relief will follow.

Hope is your guiding light out of the darkness, hope can make everything possible once again.

An insatiable longing for comfort

My lonely heart is burning painfully with an insatiable longing for comfort. Only you and your touch can calm my restless soul.

When you feel broken and lost – remember that I love you unconditionally πŸŒΉ

Those who truly matter will love you no matter what you look like, no matter how little money you have and no matter how many mistakes you make. πŸ™

You are a badass with a heart of an angel πŸŒΈ

If you have been brutally broken but still have the courage to be gentle to other living beings, then you’re a badass with a heart of an angel.

Keanu Reeves

Too kind, too trusting and too forgiving? No, these are really beautiful personality traits πŸ™β€οΈ

Yesterday something happened that made me stop and think. I did something really kind for someone else, I helped a person who was in need and he became so grateful and happy. But afterwards it dawned on me – I did not think about my own security when I helped him. What had happened if he had wanted to hurt me? I was alone with this person for almost 30 minutes and I had forgotten to bring my phone and only one other person knew where I was and who I was with.

Of course I thought this person was kind, respectful and friendly… But I really don’t know this person. For me it came naturally. He was in need, asked for my help because he had no one who could help him right then and there. My first thought was of course I want to help you, I want things to go well for you – and it turned out great. I helped him and he succeeded.

Is there such a thing as being too kind, too trusting and too forgiving? My co-worker thinks I am too kind. Maybe she is right but I really don’t want to change who I am. I believe in the goodness in people. I believe everyone just wants to feel good at their core. If people hurt others, drink, take drugs, argue, rape, beat or take any other negative actions – I believe they do so because they are only acting out their own inner pain, their own misaligned energy. We are all good people on the inside at our core and I will always believe people can change if they want to. I forgive with all my heart because I don’t judge, I try to see the broader picture.

My kind heart has brought me so far in life and given me so much joy. And yes, I have also been in situations that were awful and that almost broke me. But I don’t believe my kind heart is to blame, I believe my kind heart is the reason why I have overcome and found my way back to happiness again.

So yes, while I probably should be more careful around people I don’t know, I will continue to believe in the goodness in others and their intention while at the same time listening to my own guidance.

A temporary breakdown

I broke down completely today at work. At lunch time I became so sad and tears started flowing down my cheeks endlessly. There was no stopping it. I usually feel uneasy at work on Fridays but I usually handle it rather well. Not today. I actually felt so uneasy just being in the school building that I had to leave and I went straight home. I cried for over an hour when I got home but then I calmed down a little and began to feel a little relief. Just geting away from the school building helped.

Fridays are still tough for me, even though it has been almost 8 months since it happened. Sometimes I wonder if I should just move to another town, far away and start over. But, I love my job, I have wonderful bosses, kind co-workers and really awesome students. I have a nice big house and my two little babies like it here… I like it too, and I guess running away from this city will not stop all the flashbacks either. I will not give up. I am not weak, just temporarily off my balance. I will rise again.

No prison sentence and no money will ever erase that painful moment

In the lonliest of moments, in the darkest of nights, the thoughts of what happened always return. The worst part was not the pain, the humiliation or all the bruises you made on my body… the worst part was the second after I said no, when I begged you not to do it, and you just placed your cold hand firmly over my mouth while you did exactly what I feared you would do. The powerlessness I felt in that moment was the worst most debilitating feeling I have ever felt.

It has been 7 months now, and yet not a day has gone by without me having a thousand flashbacks to that moment. Not a night goes by without a painful memory that haunts me in the dark. No prison sentence and no money will ever erase that painful moment.

Endless tears have silenced my voice and shattered my heart

The storm came and broke my delicate branches

Endless tears have silenced my voice and shattered my heart

The cold and hearless winter kept me frozen inside

however, spring will eventually come and new, stronger branches will emerge

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