❤ Spending the day with my babies ❤

My baby girl is slowly getting better. Today she still had a high fever so I stayed home with my babies. Therfore this was the best Friday ever – to be able to stay home and be close to my babies. ❤❤❤ There is no other place I would rather be.

The book I ordered a few days ago arrived today 😊. I have enjoyed reading a few pages while my babies rested.

Now I have put my babies to bed and I hope they will both sleep peacefully and wake up feeling energized, happy and eager for a new day.

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Spending the day in bed 🤒

I am so happy I stayed home from work today. 🤒 We will spend the entire day in bed. ❤

Fever – my turn ❤

All night I had a high fever, my baby girl too. She slept beside me but woke up really sad once every hour so we did not sleep much at all tonight. I went to work anyway but it feels like relief to finally come home.

We are resting a little in bed right now, my baby girl fell asleep on my arm.

I feel completely worn out by the fever so I am really happy I will spend tomorrow at home with my two babies. Hopefully we all feel better by Thursday. ❤❤❤

❤ The meaning of my life ❤

My babies have been home with my boyfriend all day. My boyfriend sent me this picture when I was at work:

My baby boy is feeling really well but my baby girl is still very sick.

It felt like heaven to come home after work today. To see my two little babies again after 8 hours of work ❤.

And after I had put my baby boy to bed my baby girl fell asleep next to me. ❤❤❤

They truly are my everything, my meaning of life. I love them both so much. ❤❤

A cozy moment before bedtime

It has been an intense day at work! I love my students (who are 17-20 years old) but they do require all my focus and attention so at the end of the day it feels so reliefgiving to come home to my two little babies. 💖💖

We have just had a delicious dinner and taken a bubble bath. Right now we are relaxing with our ipads in my baby girl’s room. Such a cozy moment.

My ❤❤

I love my two little babies more and more each second. ❤❤

Had an awesome weekend with a friend ❤

We ate delicious food

Did a lot of shopping

And a lot of relaxing. But I miss my two babies so much – and I am even happier to be on my way home to them right now. ❤

When you have to get up really, really early – every day

As a mother of two little energetic babies (my baby boy is 1 year and 5 months old and my baby girl will be 3 years old in August) I have to get up really, really early every day of the year. I have learned to embrace it and make the best out of it – a great time to work out 🙂

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