Honesty or sugar-coated bullshit?


Shine bright, love being you and do what calls you

The key is to be yourself ❤

Stop apologizing!

My wild heart, my feisty spirit, my curves and my chaos ❤❤❤

A beautiful reminder of what really matters in life ❤

💖 The most beautiful and empowering message 💖

Lovingly allow yourself to be as you desire to be 🌼

You are honoring yourself and all that is, when you allow yourself to be who you are.

Listen to your body, and follow what makes your body feel good.

Pay attention to what brings you joy, and do more of those things.

Value what feels better to you emotionally and sooth yourself into relief.

Take loving, sweet and gentle care of yourself, mind, body and spirit – and most importantly, allow yourself to be as you desire to be.

YOU are so beautiful 💖

You are beautiful, sweet and lovely. There is no need for any comparison because you are unique so there is nothing to compare with.

Allow yourself to blossom in your beauty, to thrive in your joy and to shine in your love. You are beautiful, right here, right now. 💖

Who do you think you are?

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