I will hold your hand through the darkness

Come to me, I will hold your hand through the darkness. I know there will be stars to light up your path.

You don’t have to dry your tears or hide your pain. Come as you are, feel as you feel. Even in you weakest of moments your heart and soul radiate love, kindness and an ever increasing strenght. I can see through all the pain, all the hurt and all shattered dreams and what I see is beautiful. 🌹


Trust your instincts – if it feels off, it is off πŸ™

This can be hard at times and it is indeed something you must continue to practice all your life. I am usually very kind and I have always been a people pleaser, but I am trying to break this cycle by listening to my heart and learning to say no when it feels even the slightest bit off. Today was a really good example of this.

The other week a person asked me to help him with something. I said yes to helping him when he asked me about this the first time, which was last week. I was supposed to help him today but I could feel this really uneasy feeling in my entire body today. The uneasy feeling just intensified as the day progressed and I even spoke up about it to my closest co-worker. She advised me to say no and to listen to my instinct. Even if this person is kind and well-meaning – if my instincts says that it feels off, it is off. So I did. I said no and I immediately felt so much better.

This truly is a process. If you are a people pleaser you truly enjoy helping other people and as soon as someone has a problem you want to help them feel better – but what about your own well-being? You have to think about your own safety and well-being first, then the other person. And a big part in this is to say NO when it feels off. That is the key to being of value both to others and to yourself.

No advice, no solutions and no quick fixes – just listen🌹

It can be so valuable to have someone by your side who truly listens to you. Someone who honestly cares and wants to hear your story. It can make such a difference in your life.

No advice, no solutions, no right or wrong discussion – just someone who listens to you. That is a valuable friend.

Let them make their own mistakes -let them learn and grow in their own pace

When you judge and condemn others, you have pain within yourself – forgive yourself. Make peace with your mistakes and set yourself free.

Choose to give others the freedom to choose for themselves, the freedom to make their own mistakes, to learn and to grow in their own pace. There is no rush. There is always time. Relax.

🌼 Caring about others begins with caring about yourself πŸŒΌ

Be extra kind to yourself today. No matter what you have to do or who you meet today, choose to go through your day with kindness and love in your heart.

How you feel affects everything, so when you begin your day by caring about how you feel and choosing to be kind to yourself – you will be of most value to everyone you meet as well. Caring about others begins with caring about yourself. 🌼

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