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How can I treat my baby in the most benefical ways as a parent?

Treat her as if she knows. Honor her ability to choose, and trust that, in time, she will learn how to choose. Teach her, through the clarity of your example, which means, you cannot teach her connection unless you are connected. Do your dominant interacting with her when you are feeling your very best, and any time you don’t feel that good, make yourself scarce from her.  
When she asks questions, applaud every one of them, and if you don’t have the answer, still applaud her question. And let her know, early on, that the knowledge that she seeks, and the good that is natural to her, will come from all kinds of places, not only through you. Encourage her independence from you, as quickly as you can, so that she can discover the thrill of creating on her own.  

Fill her with words of encouragement. If you find a moment of dissatisfaction with her, swallow it. Do not speak it. But let the desire that is born out of that, roll across your mind in the night. Develop it fully until you have visualized a full picture of what you know she is wanting, relative to any subject. And once you have come to feel familiar about that, then begin to express it to her.  

When you speak to her, always speak what you feel. If you don’t feel good, don’t speak. If you are always speaking what you feel and you are only speaking when you feel good, what you are doing is always opening a vortex that connects with the Energy and always flooding it into the relationship that you are having. 

If, as she grows, she finds something that displeases you, and you feel that it is your job to correct her, and you do, and you feel the negative emotion that is within you, know that, in this moment of teaching your child, your Inner Being is not there with you. Come to trust the way you feel, and express to your little one only in your times of connection. There is plenty of contrast out there for her. And in doing this, what you will teach her is what it is like to be with someone who is, for the most part, connected to Core Energy. You will give her an up close example of how well the Universe responds to someone who’s in vibrational harmony with Source.  

It is not your job to protect her or guard her from anything, because there is nothing to be protected from unless you make it part of your consciousness. As she grows and begins to interact with others, there will be plenty who will be offering that information to her, and when that begins to occur, do not push against it. Do not feel that her connection is fragile. It isn’t. She can get back to it easily. Impart to her: Her connection, that she is living fully now, and that you are learning or relearning and living much of the time, is not a fragile thing. You don’t have to protect anyone from anything. Mostly, just get happy and stay there.”

Abraham Hicks

What if my baby screams all the time?

Well, first try to find some relief in your thinking:

Are there moments when your baby is happy? Think about those moments!

Are there moments when your baby is playing and having fun? Think about those moments!

Are there moments when your baby is peacefully asleep? Think about those moments!

Are there moments when you look at your baby with love and joy in your heart as you see him/her? Think about those moments!

It does not matter how few the good-feeling moments are compared to the not so good-feeling moments – you always have your ability to focus and if you deliberately choose to not pay much attention to the not so good-feeling moments while you high-light the good-feeling moments in your mind more often, with time your point of attraction will shift and what happens to you will shift as well.

Remember that your children did not come to please you, they did not come to be the way you needed them to be in order for you to feel good – they came for the fun of life, for the joy in the experience!  And yes as a bonus they will help you practice feeling good unconditionally. And that is the most beautiful gift anyone could ever give you.

This is a magnificent opportunity for you to begin to practice how you WANT TO FEEL regardless what is happening. You do not need your child to change his/her behaviour in order for you to feel good because you know how to focus. You can choose what you give your attention to and what aspects you go general on. And when you show yourself again and again that you can return to your own emotional balance and feel good regardless what is going on  – now you will begin to attract a behaviour from your child that reflects your emotional balance as well.

It is all good, it is all ok. You are where you are and it is alright!!! You are not being punished or tested,  you simply are where you are which matches the focus you have but now you can begin to change your focus! Be easy on yourself,  you are doing a magnificent job! Be more playful about the whole situation, laugh more, find more humor and go general more. Choose to focus on the good-feeling moments – let those be the only moments you talk about with others as you talk about your baby. Sooner than you think your reality will be a reflection of all those good-feeling moments.