Base your choices on how well they resonate with your desires ❤

Focus on the desired outcome, imagine yourself having it, being it and doing it... Enjoy how good that feels and let those feelings embrace you. Return to those pleasurable scenarios several times during your day.

Do everything that you believe will take you in the desired direction. Base your choices on how good they feel to you and how well they resonate with your desires.


Attract the love you desire, money, health, happiness… everything you desire!

“Be light-hearted! Say to yourself many times every day and really mean it: “I am just looking for fun!” And do that! Look for things that delight you and make you smile. Look for things that feel good and enjoy them fully! 

When you feel good you allow your wellbeing. When you feel good, no matter the reason, you allow the money you desire, the lover you desire, the house you desire, the vacation you desire, the vibrant health you desire. ALL things you desire to come into your experience! And all it took was for you to never mind what is not working and what is not here yet and find ways to feel good now anyway! Imagine that! Just look for fun! Just enjoy what feels good to you! Yes, that is the work! Feel good now!”

 Abraham Hicks

The magical value of imagination

The most beautiful, powerful magic

Your joy and passion is what will make your desire come true

The power of your imagination 

“Please yourself with your mind and watch how the universe will please you with the corresponding manifestations.”

Abraham Hicks

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