Your choice, your life


Time for change 💖

There is value in everything

A beautiful reminder today 🌹🌹🌹

Where you are is perfect and it will always improve if you let it ❤

You are where you are right now so you might as well make peace with it. Make peace with where you are and what has happened and realize how very perfect this place actually is for you. This is only a place where you are right now but you are eternally on your way to more.

This is a journey and you are where you are but since it is a journey you are moving. How you choose to view your now, determines if you move towards more things you desire or away from them.

Your attitude, your perspective and the focus you choose is what makes all the difference in what you allow to come next. You are in charge, right here, right now.

Let them be – you can feel good regardless ❤

We are doing rather well 🌱

I am blessed for having the opportunity to just stay in bed all day. This experience will strenghten my immune system. I have been able to drink a few glasses of rice milk today, and kept it so far which is awesome. I feel my strenght returning, slowly but steadily. I even went up and took a shower an hour ago. This is going great and I look forward to an entire day at home tomorrow too. 🌱

My wild heart, my feisty spirit, my curves and my chaos ❤❤❤

My baby girl 😍 and a fresh new week ahead

I spent most of the day in bed with my baby boy while my boyfriend and my baby girl were visiting some friends. I think she had a lot of fun.

I am looking forward to a new week, new energy, new healthy attitude and a lot of fun. Tomorrow there will be no students in school, they have a day off while we teachers have a day full of interesting meetings and planning. I really like the idea of going to work tomorrow, it will be nice and easy.

  • What are you looking forward to about tomorrow?

The work that will ultimately change the world, begins within ❤

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