Writing breathes life back into my body

Every word a mindfull moment of pure focus. A reliefgiving moment when all those dark flashbacks dissolve. Writing is my guiding light out of the dark.

A vital part of your healing journey

Hiding away from the world in your own safe haven may not take away the thing you fear, however, it may give you a moment of rest and relief which might be exactly what your body needs. So hide away, rest and refuel your energy – it is a vital part of your healing journey.

Hard times reveal who truly cares about you – fill your heart with gratitude

If those you called friends were absent when you were drowning in despair, fill your heart with gratitude without them in your life as your zest for life slowly returns. Those who stayed with you when you shattered into a million pieces, showed you what truly matters in life.

How did you manage to get back up again?

Who hurt you so bad it brought you to your knees and shattered your sense of security into a million pieces?

Who stole the joy from your eyes, tore the passion from your words and ripped the very zest for life from your body?

More importantly, how did you manage to get back up again?

Rebuild your life around new, joyful memories

You are not doomed to a life in misery and sadness just because you were abused once, twice or even a thousand times. It is never too late, you are never too broken and it is never hopelesseventually you can find ways to have fun and enjoy life again, and then you can rebuild your life around new, joyful memories.

The nourishing mud from which you rebuild your strength

The nourishing mud is of beautiful value to the lotus flower. Use your challenging experiences as your nourishing mud from which you can rebuild your strength.

Your heart still beats for you, and your soul loves you unconditionally

No matter how badly your body was treated in your past, your heart still beats for you.

No matter how long you have hated yourself – your soul still loves you unconditionally. You were born this way for a reason. In a society that profits from your insecurities, dare to love yourself unconditionally.

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