Our differences make life interesting, exciting and beautiful – keep shining ⭐

Even if you stand alone, keep shining as brightly as you desire to. You need not dim your light or change who you are in order to fit it.

If some people don’t like who you are – why would you ever want to fit in with them, anyway? Choose to be with those who like you as you are. It is our differences that makes life so interesting, exciting and beautiful. Keep shining. ⭐


A moment alone – it feels like I am breathing life back into my body 🙏

At night when I have put my babies to bed, darkness has fallen outside and I am lying in bed – that is the most soothing and reliefgiving moment to me.

I always feel my energy strenghten every moment when I am alone. I value my moments of alone time so much – it feels like I am breathing life back into my body.

As I lay in bed I like to think about all the things I appreciate with my life and with this moment. Tonight I feel so much appreciation for my two little babies, I love them so much. I feel appreciation for my supportive co-worker who truly cares about me, and for my boss who is such a kind and thoughtful woman. I also feel deep appreciation for my boyfriend who has been by my side for 12 years now. No one in my life has cared as much about me and my wellbeing as he has. 🙏

These are only a few things I feel appreciation for right now. What things are you feeling appreciation for right now?

I have shattered into millions of pieces on the inside

Although I smile and look happy, calm and at peace – I have shattered into millions of pieces on the inside

My eyes sparkle with kindness and love – yet my body trembles with sadness without anyone noticing

I listen with kindness and compassion – yet my own voice was silenced long ago, by the endless tears I have cried

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