Tragedy in life can inspire you to find your inner strenght ๐ŸŒฑ

When we meet real tragedy in life, we can react in two ways – either by losing hope and falling into self-destructive habits, or by using the challenge to find our inner strength. Thanks to the teachings of Buddha, I have been able to take this second way.”

Dalai lama

What happened to you might have brought you to your knees, it might have left you in deep despair and you could even feel so broken you just want to give up. But you have a choice. The most important choice you will ever make. Will you let this be the end of you, the end of all your dreams, desires and even the end of who you truly are? Or, will you let this be your solid foundation on which you stand while finding your inner strenght once and for all?

There is always hope, there is always love, there is always happiness, there is always strenght – there is always a choice.


It is not the awful things that happened to you that makes you feel bad – you CAN feel better again, no matter what

Your past does not define who you are, let your past inspire you to NOW become who you want to be.

No matter how dark your past, what things you did or what you went through – you can feel better again.

It is not what you did or what happened to you that limits you today or that makes you feel bad – it is only your perspective, your attitude and your thoughts that make you feel bad. And, you can choose to change your thinking and feel better again. You are never limited by your past experiences, how you feel is always a choice you make in every new moment and how you feel has to be unconditional.

Fuck those who laugh at your insecurities – they don’t know even 1% of what you have been through ๐Ÿ™

So far, you have survived the toughest days of your life, give yourself some credit and allow yourself the time you need to heal.

Not only were you sexually abused early on in life by multiple older boys when you were 6 years old, you had no self-esteem what so ever, you were bullied, you had eating disorders at the age of 9, you grew up in a home with alcoholic parents, you had reading and writing difficulties, you were sexually abused by two boys when you were 17 years old, you ran away from home a week after that straight into the arms of a man who put you through domestic violence for 1 1/2 years before there was a trial and he was sentenced to prison for it, you experienced the death of your parents, your dream man cheated on you, you had to make an abortion against your will and much morenot only did you go through all that during the first 24 years of your life, you managed to turn all that pain into your strenght. You managed not only to survive but to THRIVE because you chose to let it all inspire you to grow stronger.

So – fuck those who call you weak. Fuck those who laugh at your insecurities. They don’t know even 1% of what you have been through in your life, no one knows of your pain and how it shaped you. No one knows how you have struggled to rise up. ๐Ÿ™

From raging insecurities to strong empowerment ๐ŸŒผ

“(…) Can you hear the whispers all across the room?
You feel her eyes all over you like cheap perfume
You’re beautiful, but misunderstood
So why you tryna be just like the neighborhood?
I can see it, I know what you’re feelin’
So let me tell you ’bout my little secret
I’m a little crazy underneath this
Underneath this
Do you ever feel like a misfit?
Everything inside you is dark and twisted
Oh, but it’s okay to be different
‘Cause baby, so am I (So am I, so am I, so am I)
Do you ever feel like an outcast?
You don’t have to fit into the format
Oh, but it’s okay to be different
‘Cause baby, so am I (So am I, so am I, so am I-I-I-I-I) (…) “

Ava Max,” So am I”

No matter what you look like, what body type you have or what clothes you have – people will look at you and some will judge you. There will always be those who love the way you look and those who completely disapprove of everything that you are. Let them think as they choose to.

The beautiful part about life is when you finally give up trying to please everyone else, when you finally shake loose from caring about their disapproval or approval. There is so much freedom and empowerment to be felt when you start giving yourself the love and approval you previously tried to get from other people and external things.

It is a process. It takes time. I began working on this 12 years ago, when I was 24. I have come such a long way, I went from having no self esteem what so ever, from feeling like a helpless victim and feeling I had to please everyone around me in order to deserve to be liked a little – I went from all that to really liking myself, inside and outside no matter what other people think of me. I began to appreciate life, to appreciate all experiences – especially the bad ones because they helped inspire me to now become stronger.

I would not even be the happy, confident and empowered woman I am today without every single bad thing that ever happened to me. So I am grateful, for all of it. My entire way of viewing life is 100% different from how I viewed life 12 years ago. If I can change all these limiting insecurities, anyone can.

And no, the external things didn’t change before I felt better. I still look exactly the same way as I did before, I have the same job, the same relationship, I have still gone through all those awful things in my life that left me on the brink of despair – and I have since then gone through even more negative experiences in all aspects of my life. And yet here I am, happier and stronger than ever. Loving life, loving my body and feeling appreciation for every step along my way. Feeling appreciation for every rascal that ever hurt me because I am who I am today because of it all. It is an endless journey that I intend to enjoy. ๐Ÿ™

If we have kindness, love and respect in our hearts, we contribute to the healing ๐Ÿ™

Everyone has a story, many even have a painful past that still haunts them daily. Treat everyone you meet with kindness and respect. You cannot possibly understand why they act as they do because you have not lived through their experiences nor felt their pain.

We all find our own ways of dealing with what we have been through, and if we have kindness, love and respect in our hearts when we interact with others, we contribute to the healing. ๐Ÿ™

Turn your pain into your strenght ๐ŸŒฑ

Take your pain and turn it into something beautiful. Express yourself in ways that call you, create beauty out of your suffering and show the world that there is value and benefit with everything that happens. Turn your pain into your strenght.

Time heals all wounds? No, YOU heal all wounds ๐Ÿ™

No, it doesn’t get easier with time – it is you who get stronger. Time will pass, nevertheless, but the getting stronger part is up to you.

Through all the muddy waters, beauty will emerge

All negative experiences, all pain, all mistakes and all shattered dreams can be the perfect, solid, nourishing foundation to grow from.

Strenght is not given, it is built. And you build it one small moment at a time. Be kind to yourself, you are doing so much better than you think. No matter how muddy the water might be, the lotus flower can still emerge beautifully radiant.

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