A lovely Friday evening ❤️

When my boyfriend came home we had a barbeque again 😍. It was so delicious 👌.

It was rather warm and sunny outside so we decided to go out and play. It was so nice outside, we even went for a swim in the pool 😍😍😍.

The sunshine was quickly replaced by rain though, as soon as we went inside – absolutely perfect 👌.


A beautiful gift 💖

My baby girl made this beautiful drawing today. It has everything I love in it: rain, water and my babies 🤗🤗. So cute. 💖

My meaning of life 🥰

Nothing brings me more joy than coming home to my two little babies. My baby boy is 3 years old and my baby girl is 4 years old. The love I feel for them is stronger than anything else. They are what gives my life meaning. 🥰

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