A sunny afternoon with a cozy ending β€

After we had been outside for a couple of hours my baby boy was so tired he fell asleep holding my hair, as he always does. 😍😍


A really nice day β˜‰

Today was an awesome day. I had a lovely early morning with my babies and then a really good day at work. My students are so much fun to work with and it is absolutely magical to see them beginning to believe in themselves. It is such a rewarding job.

My co-workers were so nice, they surprised me with a slice of pizza while I was helping a student on my lunch break. So thoughtful. 🌸

But the best part of my day was coming home, changing clothes and spending the rest of the day with my babies.

  • What did you enjoy most about your day?

A cozy morning πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜

Today my baby girl woke up at 4am, crying and feeling really sad. I let her come into my bed instead and she fell asleep peacefully almost straight away. 😍😍😍

It was the best morning ever. So cozy. ❀

  • I hope you have a really nice day, remember to enjoy your day and have fun.

A summer outfit and a new hair cut πŸ˜

Today was a really warm day again, 25 degrees celcius – just like a warm August day. I chose a really cute summer outfit for work:

When I got home we played in the park for a couple of hours and then we decided to give my baby boy a hair cut 😍.

He is so adorable 😍😍😍 my little baby boy.

A really hot day with lots of fun in the sun β˜‰

I realized that it is only 5 or 6 weeks left until my two months long summer holiday with my kids. Time goes by so quickly!

Today was a really hot day and we spent it out in the sun.

I enjoyed some delicious fresh home made juices today, the first one with kale and apple, the second one with carrots, apples and ginger. So refreshing.

Then of course it was time to change – it was way too hot this afternoon to wear my grey long sleeved dress anymore. This other dress that I chose is a dress I bought 10 years ago – still love it.

Then we spent the evening outside, and when we got back inside my baby boy fell asleep almost immediately as we relaxed on the couch.

  • What was your favourite part about your day?

Soap is in the air

A sunny Sunday and a twin tomato

It was a really warm and nice Sunday today. I chose black pants and a red/white top.

We were outside most of the day, just playing and having fun together.

When I was going to make dinner I found this cool twin tomato ❀.

A fun morning out on a farm πŸ„

Trying to take cute selfies when you have kids πŸ’–

My babies are so cute! Today they have been all around me the entire day. I was going to send two pictures of what I was wearing during the day to a friend – but my cute little babies did not want to be left out. πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

Took my baby girl with me to work β€

My baby girl is still not well enough to be at the day care centre so I brought her with me to work today. My students (who are 17-19 years old) thought it was really fun to meet her and have her with us during our classes.

She was really tired afterwards and fell asleep really quickly tonight.

I am also very tired and look forward to a relaxing evening.

I hope you have had a nice day as well.

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