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Stop and reverse the aging process?

Questioner: “It sounds like it would be possible to not only halt the aging process, but to reverse it.”

Abraham Hicks: “Certainly!”

Questioner: “Okay. And then along those lines… How far can it be reversed?”

Abraham Hicks: As far as you can WANT and BELIEVE.

(…)You chose to be physically focused in a body that would EVOLVE. Everything upon your planet EVOLVES, MATURES. 

You did NOT intend to come forth into the physical and begin a process of declining and disintegration and deterioration –– that is the INTERPRETATION of the LACK-FULL, PHYSICAL GUARDED, VULNERABE, NEGATIVE ENVIRONMENT. 

So, what we are getting at here in response to your question, when you say, “Is it possible not only to stop the aging process?” We say… “and/or to reverse it… we say there is a little bit of trouble even in your terminology, because as you are wanting to STOP something or REVERSE something you are giving your ATTENTION to it. And so, and that in fact is a large reason for the perpetuation of illness and disease and disintegration –– people pushing against: There’s a war against poverty and drugs and AIDS and cancer and crime and teenage pregnancy and violence and terrorism, and everything you push against gets bigger. 

So, if we were standing in your shoes wanting to REVERSE or STOP SOMETHING, we would first identify what we don’t want and then identify what we do want –– and we would give our FULL ATTENTION to the continuation of YOUTHFULLNESS, or for the continuation of VITALITY. 

We would give our attention… 

And we know you are understanding that, but we are wanting to put it into the… because so many people would like to STOP aging… But you can NOT stop aging until you start living.”

Abraham Hicks