My absolute favourite quote πŸ’–


A magnificent day and a cozy dress πŸ’–

When I took this picture I had just taken a shower and we were just about to go out and play in our garden. It feels SO GOOD to be back home! So freeing!

It is another awesome day, it is only 9am and it is very warm already. Today we are going to the beach of lake VΓ€ttern in JΓΆnkΓΆping.

I wish you a magnificent day. πŸ’–

Your happiness is in your hands πŸ’–

When people treat you poorly πŸ’–

Oh yes 😎

Love all that you are and appreciate everything you have been through πŸ’–

“Oh hell no” – just say no!

Just have fun – let them stare πŸ’–

Never give up πŸ’–

You are stronger than you think πŸ’–

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