The publishing of my first book – I will learn, grow and blossom from the experience (updated version)

In 2015 I published my first book. It felt like an awesome idea and I actually wrote it on my cellphone during a few weeks when my first baby was around 5 months old. I did not have a lot of time for myself back then, the only moments I had where I could write on my book was when my baby girl was taking her 30min naps in my lap during the days. That was why I chose to write the entire manuscrip on my cellphone, it was an easy solution for me at the time.

I felt such an inspiration to write that it almost wrote itself. I wrote down what I had done to turn my life around. All I desired was to share my story in order to inspire hope to those who have also been through sexual abuse, physical abuse, eating disorders, bullying, infidelity, alcoholic parents, low self-esteem, abortion, death of your parents, depression, suicidal thoughts and other challages in life. I wanted to show that no matter what you have been through you can turn your life around and feel good again. 

I contacted a wonderful publishing company in America and they helped me with the design and the publishing. My book is avaliable at over 25 000 different selling sites all over the world. This felt pretty exciting back then and even though there has been some resistance on the path after publishing my book, it was the right thing to do. Everything is always working out beautifully well for me. 

I have learned a lot from this experience. My intention with everything I write is always to inspire hope and inspire people to find their own empowerment – that is why I love writing on my blog. It is one of my favourite things to do. I love sharing everything that brings me ease and joy. Life truly is supposed to be enjoyed and it always gets better and better when you allow.

Another magnificent book review!

Today another magnificent review of my book has been published, 

I feel honored that they chose to write about my book. My book, “From no self-esteem to total self-empowerment! How to feel good and improve your life.” was my way to write down how I managed to go from feeling like an utterly powerless victim to feeling confident, happy and in love with life! I wanted to show that NO MATTER WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO YOU, YOU CAN IMPROVE HOW YOU FEEL AND THERFORE IMPROVE YOUR LIFE! Nothing is impossible!

What if they take all the money I have earned?

I published my first book a year ago – “From no self-esteem to total self-empowerment! How to feel good and improve your life” :

and it has been an amazing experience!  It feels wonderful to be able to share my story and inspire others to feel better!

And it is so exciting to know it is avaliable both as an e-book and a regular version in over 25 000 book selling sites all over the internet!

♡ ♡ ♡

The publishing company takes 90% of the money from all the books I sell – so I only get 10%. And then the company sends me checks with those 10% at a quaterly basis – and when I go to my bank here in Sweden with those checks, my bank takes 75% (!) of my checks value as a transaction fee.

There are many different ways you can choose to react to this situation, the way I have chosen to view it is: I bring in a lot of money to the publishing company! I also bring in a lot of money to my bank and I still get a lot of money in MY ACCOUNT. I see it as a flow of abundance – and since there are no limits to how much money can flow to me, what difference does it make if I give a lot of money to other people in the process? Now that is an aligning good-feeling way of viewing this!

What if I hate myself and have no confidence what so ever? 

Today I read the most wonderful question ever, written by a wonderful person who really wants to feel better about himself. It is such a beautiful topic and I just wanted to let him and everyone else know how much appreciation and love I feel for all of you and how excited I am for what is already in your vortex! You will have so much fun lining up with your confidence and empowerment!!!

And yes I spent 24 years of my life hating myself and having no self-esteem what so ever – I spent several years not being able to look at other people at all while out walking and I even tried to kill myself once because of how awful I felt – anyway since discovering the teachings of Abraham Hicks I have completely transformed the way I look at myself and others, I decided to change, I decided to begin to improve how I felt and I began with easier things such as finding things I liked about OTHERS and THINGS – the more I practiced looking for things I liked the easier it became to begin to see things in me that I liked. 

It was a very exciting journey from no self-esteem to total self empowerment and I have a radiant confidence now! I love myself and I feel so empowered. It truly is way more easier than you can imagine! All it takes is a willingness to feel better and begin practicing better feeling thoughts. You CAN do this! You CAN feel good! You CAN be the confident loving wonderful empowered being that you truly are!!! I feel so much appreciation for you – there is so much deliciousness ahead for you.

The whole point of me writing my book “From no self-esteem to total self-empowerment. How to feel good and improve your life.” Was to share my story of how I changed my way of looking at myself and how I found my way to feeling love for myself. It has been such a magnificent journey – the book truly is a beautiful gift for ME, it is the book I wish I had found when I was in my darkest moments. It is really exciting to know that my story and what I did to improve how I felt about ME can inspire and uplift others aswell to find their own way to their own empowerment. Life is such a beautiful game!

A wonderful surprise!


Two weeks ago I got several copies of my book that I signed before selling them – and they sold really fast! I thought to myself “it would be great if I had more copies so I could give more people signed versions” and today I got a package in the mail: more books!!! Brilliant! What a magnificent surprise! Law of Attraction in action!

I am now an author with a business ☆


I have now been a published author for a month and it is going magnificently well!

Not only am I an author but now I also own my own business! Exciting!

The press release for my book will be held in a matter of days and next week there will be an ad in the magazine ” The science behind law of attraction ” for my book. And there are many more exciting things happening right now!

My book is avaliable in over 25 000 stores on the internet, both as an e-book and a regular version.