Strength is built during challenging times – it is all of value

You wouldn’t be the strong person you are today, unless you had gone through all those challenging experiences in your life.

It is all of value, especially the unwanted experiences. It doesn’t have to break you, you can use it as inspiration to become stronger. Strength is built during challenging times.

Never dim your light for anyone – fill your heart with kindness

No matter how many harsh hands that have abused your body – never dim your light for anyone. There is always hope. Hope of a better tomorrow.

Some might argue that your kindness got you into trouble, and maybe that it true – but it was also your kindness that helped you get back up. Kindness is strength.

Strength, to not give up – even though every inch of your body wanted to give up.

Strength, to forgive the unforgivable – even though the one who abused you was not even sorry for what he did to you.

Strength, to choose to feel better again – even though your faith in humanity was shattered into a million pieces.

Kindness is strength.

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