About me

I am a mother of two little babies, I am also a teacher, a writer and woman who is passionate about everything regarding health, wellness and fitness.

I have been through a lot of difficulties in my life; sexual abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse, bullying, anorexia, eating disorders, grew up with an alcoholic father, experienced the death of my parents… and much more. It all led me to a point where I felt almost no desire to live. Somehow I lit a spark of hope within me and – all by myself – I started improving my thinking and my perspective of life. Little by little I turned my life around. I litterally went from having spent over 2 decades hating myself and having no self-esteem to loving myself, loving life and feeling empowered.

I am passionate about showing others that no matter what you have been through, you CAN improve your life and feel good again!

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