No one gives you a more valuable gift than the one who hurt you πŸ’

Never stop being a good person because of bad people“.

Jay Shetty

No matter what happened or how badly he treated you – choose to let your kindness shine bright within. No one gives you a more valuable gift than the one who hurt you – he inspired you to grow as a person, to find your strength and to find your way back to unconditional happiness, anyway.

You would not be the strong, kind and loving person you are today without all those challenges in your life. They are your blessings, your solid foundation on which you can build your strength. πŸ’ͺ.


New week, new workout routine πŸ’ͺ and going out tomorrow evening πŸ˜

I have enjoyed the first workout of this week today, I absolutely love the feeling in my muscles as I workout. πŸ’ͺ. Since it is rather cold in Sweden right now, I wore my workout pants that I usually wear during the colder half of the year.

Lets hope it gets a little warmer soon, we are planning a trip to the west coast next week and it would be lovely with some warm weather so we can enjoy playing at the beach while we are there. πŸ™

My new favourite snack is yoghurt with blueberries – so delicious 😍😍😍. I enjoy a big bowl of this every evening before I go to bed. It is divine.

Tomorrow will be awesome, my friend and I will go out tomorrow evening. We are going to a nice little diner here in NΓ€ssjΓΆ for a couple of hours. I feel safe when I am with her so I will relax and just enjoy our time out. 😊 I will not drink any beers though, I want to be fully focused as we walk back home. πŸ€—

A beautiful gift πŸ’–

My baby girl made this beautiful drawing today. It has everything I love in it: rain, water and my babies πŸ€—πŸ€—. So cute. πŸ’–

A pink dress and a golden glow πŸ’

Love the colors you wear and let the unconditional love in your heart be the golden glow with which you see others.

Value your safety, value your protection – but don’t let fear darken your heart πŸ™

Fear hurts you more than the situation itself. When you fear something you focus on what could happen, what he could do to you once again but nothing is happening right now, so why would you waste your now by focusing on a fearful scenario in your mind? Totally wasted time.

Yes, he might seek revenge one day. Yes, he might hurt you again. He might even try to hurt you even more next time. But he is not doing it to you right now. So why feel bad now? Perhaps he never tries to hurt you ever again, perhaps he has changed his ways and lets the thoughts of you go. You don’t know. Even if he wants to hurt you again, it is not certain that he actually can.

Value your own safety, value your protection but don’t let fear darken your heart. Believe in the goodness in everyone. Choose to make peace with what ever happens, trust that it will be alright, have faith in yourself and your strenght – you can handle what ever comes your way.

Let the pain go, forgive him and once again look at life through loving eyes

I strongly believe in the goodness in everyone. Even if someone does something very bad and very wrong – I still believe they are only acting out their own inner pain and that goodness and kindness is at their core, underneath all that pain.

Does that mean that their behavior is ok? No, of course not. It is never ok to hurt another being. However, when you look at everyone and their behavior with this belief in your heart, it makes it easier for you to let the pain go, forgive them and once again look at life through loving eyes.

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