Are you happy? Are you satisfied? – Then you are doing it right πŸ’

There are so many people around you that think they know how you should live, what you should enjoy doing and how you should spend your time. But they are all wrong. No one except you can know what is right or wrong for you at any given moment. You have to listen to your own guidance. It doesn’t matter if it is big decisions such as if you should move to another country, if you should have children or if it is small decisions such as how you should spend this evening – the peanut gallery (your family, your friends, society, the world…) might have many different beliefs about what is right or wrong to choose and they might have very detailed expectations of you – but they could not possibly know what is best for you. Only you can know that, in your heart. Follow what feels like relief to you, listen to what calls you and choose what makes you happy. πŸ™


It is time to rewrite the story of your life πŸ’ – make it a good one!

You are the author of your life, don’t beat up on yourself for writing a rough beginning – just write an improved version!

You are the main character in your story, play the part you desire to and give yourself the traits you like the most. What things would you love to experience? Write it in your story!

Create your dream life in your mind, enjoy the vision and your life will begin to transform before your eyes. It is not magic, it is law of attraction. πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

Do you want people to value, respect, understand and support you? Then look at others with love and compassion in your heart πŸ™

Isn’t this kind of empowering to think about? You can’t control how others see you or how they treat you – but you can control the most important part in it all: what you think about others and how you react to their behavior – and that will make all the difference. πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

Dare to love yourself in a society that thrives on your insecurities πŸ’

Don’t apologize for who you are – we are meant to be different, we are supoosed to live life in ways that call us and that calling is very personal and unique to each person.

Dare to be you in all your magnificent colors. Dare to love yourself in a society that thrives on your insecurities. Wear the dress you love, do the things that make your heart sing and enjoy life in ways that give you satisfaction.

Life is not a quest to fit in, a quest to be liked or a quest to please society – life is a very beautiful gift that has been given to you, take loving care of your gift, of your body and your feelings. This life is for you, go out into the world and embrace it fully.

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