All those things you are trying to hide are actually your most beautiful and unique features ❤️

Accepting yourself and how you look might take time, even several decades. It took me + 30 years to begin to like myself.

All those things you are trying to hide are actually your most beautiful and unique features.

I feel deeply, I am very sensitive and emotional. I now consider it a strenght. When I am sad, I am in deep despair. When I love, I love passionatly. When I am happy, I feel high on life. If I care about you, I truly deeply CARE about you. I feel everything, and that is one of my greatest strenghts.

I have snow white skin, all year round. I am out in the sun, playing with my babies sometimes 7-10 hours a day during the summer, yet my skin shines as brightly as silky white snow. I now consider this one of my beautiful, unique features. I love the contrast between my snow white skin, my blonde hair and the colorful clothes that I love to wear, (especially red clothes). It is such a beautiful contrast.

I used to hate wearing pants when I was a teenager because my legs and my butt never really fitted into the pants I tried on. My butt were always too big and my legs were always too long – but now I consider this one of my most loved features. I am very curvy, naturally, and very fit. I love my body shape! I adore wearing tight pants, skirts and dresses that highlight my beautiful curves.

I no longer try to hide who I am, I embrace all aspects of me and I practice self love and self acceptance every day. It has changed my entire way of looking at myself. It made me go from hating myself and having no self esteem what so ever, to actually loving myself exactly as I am. ❤️


An awesome day 🥳🥳🥳

Today has been amazing. I celebrated the birthday of my favourite person, my boyfriend. 🥳🥳🥳

When I was going through the darkest of moments, you were there for me. When everyone else turned their backs on me, you were always there for me. You comforted me, you supported me, and you have been my shining light of hope through all these years.

You have been the one who shared my joy and my happiness, you have also been the biggest reason for the joy and happiness in my life.

No other person has ever made me feel more loved, more valued or more desired – than you have. Thank you for being a part of my life and thank you for being who you are.

The satisfaction of your life is not measured in the years you live or the things you accomplish but in the amount of joy, passion and desire you feel

If it makes your heart sing… if it calls you like the very life force within you… go, do it, enjoy it. Only you can know what is right for you. Only you can choose and only you can live your life.

Who knows how long you will play this game called life, why not passionately enjoy it? Your life is for you, so listen to your own guidance. Life can be an adventure, no matter who you are or where you are. You don’t need money to feel rich, you don’t need a family to feel love and you don’t need to live an easy life in order to feel free, empowered and happy. How you feel is in your hands, it has to be unconditional and how you choose to enjoy your life is a question only you know the answer to.

Stop your second guessing, stop the blame, stop the guilt, stop listening to the peanut gallery and start ENJOYING life in ways that call you. The satisfaction of your life is not measured in the years you live or the things you accomplished but in the amount of joy, passion and desire you feel.

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