Find humor in the crazy situation and set yourself free

β€œMy focus is to forget the pain of life. Forget the pain, mock the pain, reduce it. And laugh.” – Jim Carrey

This is such a wonderful quote because it takes the edge off the pain. Instead of wallowing in your suffering and feeling sorry for yourself, find humor in this crazy situation and allow yourself to relax a little. Yes, you are allowed to smile and laugh, even in the midst of what you would call a painful situation. In fact, this might even be your way out of the pain. πŸ™

When things are really bad, the only thing to do is laugh.”

– Jim Carrey


Your empowerment grows from all your insecurities

There is something beautiful and life-giving in chaos. Something valuable and reliefgiving in hitting rock bottom. There is no other place where you ask more clearly for what you truly desire, no other place where your wish is more intense – and if you can handle that, you can handle anything!

Strenght is built on weakness, happiness flourishes from sadness and your empowerment grows from all your insecurities.

There truly is value in everything, and no matter how dark it might seem at the moment – you can grow stronger and happier because of this!

The scars on your face, the pain when you smile and the shame in your eyes – it is temporary πŸ™

The scars on your face, the pain when you smile and the shame in your eyes – it is temporary, it does not define who you truly are. These are shallow and temporary aspects, your beauty shines from within and with time your beauty will radiate from every aspect of your skin as well.

Give yourself time. A scar needs time to heal, and you need to love yourself unconditionally, as you are. Your pain does not limit you, it is your inspiration to become even stronger.

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