No advice, no solutions and no quick fixes – just listen🌹

It can be so valuable to have someone by your side who truly listens to you. Someone who honestly cares and wants to hear your story. It can make such a difference in your life.

No advice, no solutions, no right or wrong discussion – just someone who listens to you. That is a valuable friend.


I no longer fear those awful Friday feelings – I embrace my insecurities

It is Thursday evening and I am already feeling uneasy about tomorrow. It is so silly really, I know no one will hurt me again, yet I get so uneasy simply because it is a Friday. My co-workers all leave early so after 12 o’clock I am the only teacher left in our hallway, as always.

I don’t know how to get passed these uneasy Friday feelings, other than just accepting them. I feel uneasy, worried and anxious about beeing at work tomorrow – and that is ok. I will no longer try to distract myself or ignore my feelings, I will do as I did last Friday: I will embrace my insecurities. I choose to feel these uneasy emotions and go to work, anyway. I will have my lessons, I will help my students and I will get through the 6 hours I have to be in the school building.

Then I will go home and later I will meet a friend in Jönköping. It is going to be a nice Friday. 🙏

  • Do you have something that makes you uneasy? Can you think of a way to help yourself embrace how you feel and get through it?

You have a right to thrive, to laugh, to enjoy and to love – and so do I ðŸ™

I no longer hide. I have a right to thrive, to laugh, to enjoy and to love. I will no longer let people’s opinions of me define me. I choose who I want to be and I choose to blossom into everything I desire. I follow my heart, my joy, my passion and my desire.

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