In the midst of despair – know that this too shall pass

There are days when I shatter into millions of pieces, days when I cannot find hope. But, even in the midst of despair I know that this too shall pass. Night will come, and my body, mind and soul will get some rest.

Even the worst of days will come to an end. No matter how bad I have felt during my day – when darkness falls outside and everything is quiet, I find some relief.

Tomorrow is a new day, a new opportunity to be kinder to myself and be more selective in my focus. 🙏


I embrace my newly awakened zest for life

As I walk into this day, I do so with an open heart. I am at peace with what was, grateful for what is and passionate about what will be.

My body and mind sparkle with a newly awakened zest for life, with passionate desires and with an insatiable lust for more.

I leave all my shadows behind as I fully embrace the radiant and promising moment of today.

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