Getting everything you have ever dreamed of

I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer.

– Jim Carrey

I love this message so much. Sometimes it is easy to think that if you only had more money… If you only could afford going on that vacation… If you only could buy that new car… Then what? Then you would be happy? It doesn’t work that way. You cannot buy your way to lasting happiness. Unless happiness comes from within, it will not last. Your happiness will fall into pieces and crumble if it depends on external things.

If you want to feel good, you have to do the mental work – improve your thinking and value how you feel. It is your internal dialouge that affects every aspect of your life, including how you feel. Change your thoughts, change how you feel – change your life. It begins and ends with you. Your thoughts. Your perspective. Not your money.


Your wildest of dreams hold the deepest of truths β­

What do you secretly desire? Your dreams, wishes, fantasies and desires let you know what is possible for you. If you desire it, you can have it, if only you step out of your own way. How do you do that? You talk your doubt down, you reach for more general statements about this topic until you feel better about it. Doubt and looking too much at reality and the facts can slow any dream down. The attraction happens when you relax, have an open mind about it and a more playful attitude relative to all things.

So many things seemed utterly impossible before someone did it! So many things were claimed by scientists, facts and statistics to be impossible – until someone proved them wrong. Even people who had deadly illnesses like cancer – who the doctors had given up all hope on – changed the entire situation and they became perfectly healthy. Against all odds. Against the facts. Against reality’s expectation.

Have you ever heard of Anita Moorjani? If not, check her out! She is one of the people who succeeeded with this. She had cancer, it was very aggressive and she tried everything to become healthy again but nothing helped and as she was dying everything changed. She began to reverse the disease and her body began to heal. It was not medicine, it was not surgery, it was not the treatment. A really exciting story! Read her book if you want to hear the whole story told by herself, “Dying to be me” or listen to her on Ted talks or youtube :

The point is, nothing is impossible – not even the impossible. Don’t give up, enjoy your dreams and desires and let them fuel your passion for life. Have a more playful approach to life, start having fun and really ENJOY life.

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