Being alone replenishes my energy πŸ₯°

The best moment of the evening is when my babies are sleeping peacefully and I get a few hours of me-time. I love my two little babies so much, but I also appreciate getting some quiet me-time every day. I replenish my energy every second I am alone, and when I can be alone in the quiet darkness of the night, it feels like I breathe life back into my body. I guess I am a bit of an introvert πŸ₯°.

Tonight I will enjoy listening to some music and just relax in bed. Perfect evening πŸ™.


Is it possible to appreciate the rude rascals in your life? Of course

How much do you appreciate the people you meet? Feeling appreciation for the ones you love is just as valuable as feeling appreciation for everyone else that you meet. No matter who it is, it might be your boss, a stranger on the bus or a chashier at a supermarket – begin practicing looking for things you like with everyone you meet. Yes, even the ones who hurt you.

Why is appreciation so valuable? Because not only will you begin to change your view on life to a more positive perspective, you will also begin to feel better.

I would like to begin practicing this right now. This week I interacted with a person who was really rude – but that is not how I wish to remember this person. Therefore I will think of three things about him that I appreciate:

1) He is confident

2) He knows what he wants

3) He smiles a lot


Begin to practice looking for 3 things you like with everyone you meet. With time you will notice that you automatically see things you like in everyone you look at and everyone you interact with.


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