A soothing Sunday – clamness shines from within

This day has been really nice. I spent several hours outside with my babies. It is very cold here in Sweden right now so we wore our winter jackets and our winter boots. It even started snowing again, πŸ˜‚ in May. So weird, and we could hear thunder in the far distance.

But the best part of this day was enjoying a cozy moment together as we got back inside. I love my two babies so much, I feel blessed for having them.

I feel a soothing calmness shine from within, it feels like such sweet relief. It took a couple of days but now I finally feel better and I am ready for another week – and another Friday – at work. πŸ™


Tough times create the best ground to grow from πŸŒ±

When you feel like giving up, that is the perfect time to let go of what has been and start again. Tough times create the best ground to grow from. Don’t give up. One breath at a time, one heart beat at a time. If you want to feel better, you can and you will. Slow and steady, one baby step at a time. 🌱

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