A temporary breakdown

I broke down completely today at work. At lunch time I became so sad and tears started flowing down my cheeks endlessly. There was no stopping it. I usually feel uneasy at work on Fridays but I usually handle it rather well. Not today. I actually felt so uneasy just being in the school building that I had to leave and I went straight home. I cried for over an hour when I got home but then I calmed down a little and began to feel a little relief. Just geting away from the school building helped.

Fridays are still tough for me, even though it has been almost 8 months since it happened. Sometimes I wonder if I should just move to another town, far away and start over. But, I love my job, I have wonderful bosses, kind co-workers and really awesome students. I have a nice big house and my two little babies like it here… I like it too, and I guess running away from this city will not stop all the flashbacks either. I will not give up. I am not weak, just temporarily off my balance. I will rise again.


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